Thursday, December 18, 2008

To 'Chaise, or not to Chaise' - that is the question

Chaise style seating...whats all the hype about??? Why is every home theater seat these days available with the chaise style footrest and is it worth considering? Supporters will tell you that is provides extra leg support below the knee which compliments healthy lower back living. Proponents against chaise style theater seating will tell you that after the leather that connects the seat to the footrest stretches a few hundred times during normal wear and tear, it changes texture and shape permanently. The answer is simple - the proponents against are correct when it comes to seats with poor quality leather materials. Good quality leathers will absorb the oils and moisture from our environment and become supple yet durable without the fine lines and cracks often found in cheaper leathers.

So what is the moral of this short home theater furniture story? If you are going to 'chaise', make sure you don't skimp on the leather quality. Cheap theater seating needs to be reserved for the more traditional type seats.

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