Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our First Ever Contest - over $3,000 Worth of Prizes

home theater contest winner

Today we announced the winner of our first ever Home Theater Contest!  The lucky person was Philip Holubar and his wife Jamie who won a row of three Octane Bolt XS400 theater seats with power recline and premium in home delivery - a $2,000 value.  Congratulations Philip and Jamie!

contest winner philip holubar
Philip Holubar

Philip just bought a new home with an unfinished basement and thought it would be the ideal location for a home theater room.  His exact words were "What could a guy need more than a space of this size (roughly 900 square feet), ready for it to be his canvas for design ideas and make it a space to remember."  We cannot agree more!

Philips Basement
Home theater rooms are there to relax and enjoy with friends and family.  According to Philip, him and Jamie love to entertain, have friends over, throw a party and have fun! This past October they had their first pig roast at their house warming party and would love to have our 2nd with a finished home theater basement! They are both Virginia Tech graduates and couldn't be more proud. While their colors of maroon and orange may be quite much in the area, they would love to use a burnt orange color on the walls for a rustic feel.
Virginia Keg

As you walk down the stairs, you will turn left where the pool table area will be. Along the right side wall will be a 55" TV and a few chairs. If you keep walking, a storage room will be in the attic (have to keep the wife happy!). An immediate left from the stairs you will see a planned out bar area. I want to use the space below the stairs for a cool cove-like wet bar that will have my kegerator.

Behind the back wall of the bar, a bathroom will be placed. There is another smaller cove already in the basement that I would like to place a contemporary fireplace.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Movie Ratings Around the World.

Remember your first rated “R” movie? Think back to the thrill you felt when you were finally able to watch any movie without your parents or a chaperone--awesome, right? In the US, you must be 17 to go to an “R” rated movie alone. Typically, movies with an “R” rating contain sexual situations, graphic violence, and harsh language. But did you know certain countries censor violent scenes more than scenes of a risque nature? In the US, the MPAA rates our movies.

The Motion Picture Association, working with the Classification and Rating Administration, decides on a rating for a movie before it comes out in theaters. Our ratings system is well known: G (General Audiences), PG (Parental Guidance Suggested), PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned), R (Restricted) and NC-17 (No one under 17 admitted).  Video games are also given similar labels. In other countries, the ratings systems are quite different, and some countries let the government decide how to classify films. Here is a look at the way a few other countries rate their movies.

Venezuela - In Venezuela, movies are rated from A-F. F is considered “unrated” and thus fine for families with children of all ages. A-E are classified by age groups ( 2, 7, 12, 15, and 18, respectively). Basically, if you try to go to a “D” rated movie, you must be 15 years or older, while an “E” movie requires you be 18 or older.

Turks and Caicos Islands- This British colony first instituted a ratings system in 1934--and that system hasn’t been changed since! The ratings are classified by age, but they include categories such as “16 with Privilege” meaning a 16 year old can see the movie if they’re accompanied by an adult 18 or older. “U” (Universal) is the equivalent of our “G” rating. Instead of PG, however,  the Turks and Caicos Islands use “U W/C” (Universal With Caution).

United Kingdom - The rating system of our friends across the pond features a mix of numbers and letters. Decided by the British Board of Film Classification, movies in the UK can be rated U (Universal)  or PG (Parental Guidance, like in the States) or a combination of age numbers and labels. For example, 12A means the movie is recommended for children over the age of 12. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (thus the “A” added to the number).

South Africa - The Film and Publication Board decides the ratings for everything from movies to video games in South Africa. Their ratings system is classified using a combination of numbers and letters like in the UK. “A” is for all ages, while “XX” films are not allowed to be shown in public. In between categories include PG, which is the same as ours. 10-12 PG means no one under 10 is admitted, and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. X18 means no one under 18 may view the film and the movie is only allowed to be shown in adult establishments.

Russia - Russia’s movie rating system was also implemented for usage in television shows in 2012. Out of the numerous countries researched for this post, Russia’s system was the least complicated. The categories are based on general age ranges without the specific suggestion of parental guidance. 0+ is considered all ages, and there is also a “refused classification” which means the movie has been banned in the country. The rest of the categories are 6+, 12+, 16+, and 18+. think of it as “6 and over” and you’ll get the idea.

Ratings labels are sometimes embellished with symbols and colors depending on the country. While some in the US’ consider the MPAA too strict, we seem to fall right in the middle when compared to other countries. What do you think about the MPAA ratings system?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Weekend Private Customer Sale - Ends Monday!

octane storm row of 2 seatsThere is an incredible opportunity to get the Octane Storm in black top grain leather with power recline with 15% off.  This is the first time ever this best seller has gone on sale and the sale lasts only a few days over the Easter weekend.

The Octane Storm is made with deep in-arm storage units for remotes and guides and includes a chaise styled - no gap - foot rest that is designed to support your body for hours in absolute comfort.  A power button control exists on the inside arm of the theater seat that will effortlessly recline the seat to your desired position.

Octane Storm black leather XL850
XL850 Storm
Luxury is now more affordable!  The Octane Storm with these options sells for $849/seat with FREE shipping and before the 15% discount.  With the discount, the seats deliver to your door at $721/seat.  The Storm includes stainless steel cup holders that are designed to be easily removed for cleaning and maintain their lustre even after years of use.

Every Storm ships direct from our warehouse to your home and the current delivery times on this model are 10-14 business days.  If you are in the market for premium home theater seating, then this is the one to go with.  It consistently receives excellent reviews from our customers and is built to the highest standards of design.  To get the seats under this promo you have to call to order at 888-602-7328 because stocks at this price are limited!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Movies Based on Actual Events...Sort of

How many times have you gone to the movies and watched a film that was “based on true events”? Audiences love to see films of this kind, especially when said films depict epic battles and historical moments. Sometimes, however, audiences go to the movies without the slightest idea the film they are about to watch is actually based on reality, and sometimes movies that are supposed to be realistic twist the story to benefit the box office.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular films, based on true events, from 90’s and beyond.

Braveheart - 1995

Yes, Braveheart was based on real Scottish hero William Wallace and his battle against King Edward I of England. Braveheart was a box office success and was nominated for 10 Oscars--5 of which they won. This movie initiated the pre-war pep rally speech you now see every leader give his warriors in nearly every war movie ever since Braveheart’s debut. While some call the movie one of the most historically inaccurate films ever, it did a lot for the Scottish tourism industry. Thanks to Braveheart, thousands flocked to Scotland to learn more about the country’s history and helped the country pull in 7-15 million pounds thanks to movie-loving tourists.

Black Hawk Down - 2001

Ridley Scott is one of the most famous film directors of our generation. The genius behind movies like Alien and Gladiator also directed this film, based on the Battle of Mogadishu. While the movie filmed in Morocco, the story takes place in Somalia. A US black hawk helicopter is shot down and the soldiers try to survive until they are rescued, but during that time they experience the true horrors of war and lose friends along the way. While Americans loved the film, the people of Somalia complained and said it painted them in a negative light. Despite any negative press, Black Hawk Down was a hit and won 2 Oscars.

Apollo 13 - 1995

This Ron Howard masterpiece was based on the failed Apollo 13 mission. This shuttle carried a crew intending to be the 3rd group of people to walk on the moon, but an explosion on board damaged the shuttle’s oxygen supplies and electrical wiring. Not only did those events endanger the astronauts, the malfunctions also prevented the team from ever reaching the moon. To add to the film’s authenticity, Ron Howard got permission from NASA to use one of their low-gravity machines in order to film the space scenes in the movie. The actors also underwent the same NASA training real astronauts would go through in order to give them the proper mindset for the film.
Schindler’s List - 1993

The Holocaust has to be one of, if not the most difficult subjects to tackle for any filmmaker. So many movies have created tales of hope out of such a horrific event, but there is one movie that set the standard for films depicting this dark time in our history. Schindler’s List is based on Oskar Schindler, a German business man that saves thousands of people from the Nazis by offering them work in his factories. Steven Spielberg directed this classic, but the film was originally pitched to other famous directors like Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese, and Sydney Pollack. This movie brought both Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes into the Hollywood spotlight for their incredible work, and became a must in every film fanatic’s collection.

U-571 - 2000  

Out of all of the films on this list, U-571 takes the cake for issues with accuracy. While the core storyline of a submarine capturing a naval Engima machine did happen, it was not done by a group of Americans on a submarine called U-571. The Engima machine was captured by British soldiers from the HMS Bulldog, using the submarine U-110 months before the Americans entered World War II. The movie offended the British public, and even inspired former prime minister Tony Blair to comment and call the movie an “affront” to the soldiers of the U-110. While not a blockbuster, the movie did experience financial success. For those of you that love trivia, the U-110 inaccuracy is only the beginning when it comes to facts this film got wrong. Keep that in mind next time you catch this flick on tv--you might end up wanting to research it yourself.

Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Apps for Movie Fanatics

Texting has become enough of a social annoyance that movie theaters now ask viewers to turn off their phones before the movie begins. Everyone hates “that guy” that answers his phone during a flick, but theaters also want their customers to stop texting during movies, as the light of the phone screen can distract others. That being said, your smartphone is still a wonderful tool if you’re a movie fanatic--just don’t use it once you get to your seat! Here are some awesome movie apps you should download onto your phone if you haven’t already.

Purchase tickets, rate movies, look up showtimes and watch trailers all from this free app. Fandango has recently added original programming and a mobile ticket option to its repertoire. You no longer have to swipe your credit card at a kiosk to print your tickets. Fandango generates a QR code that the movie theater employee can scan right from your phone. Talk about saving time--especially if you’re late for the movie!


The famous movie website also has an app counterpart. Think of IMDB as the Wikipedia of movies--but with verified facts. If you’re a trivia fanatic, or simply can’t remember the name of “that guy” from a movie you saw years ago, IMDB can help you find that information and much more. Connect with fellow movie fanatics on the IMDB forums and read up on the latest movie news. You can also watch trailers for upcoming movies and read about celebrities and other entertainment events.


This app makes a game out of watching movies and television shows. With GetGlue, you can check in (much like Foursquare) and let your friends and families know what you’re watching on the small or silver screen. This app can link to your favorite social media sites and you can make friends with the other users. GetGlue awards you with special stickers after a certain amount of check-ins, or if you check in during the season premiere (or finale) of a show. You can then request a print out of these stickers, which get sent to you for free.

Watch TCM

If you’re living in the past and love the Golden Age of cinema, this app is for you. You can watch live streams of the Turner Classic Movies channel via the app as well as watch a ton of movies without any commercial interruption. View the upcoming movie schedules and plan what you would like to watch, then share your opinions with fellow movie fans. The app also connects to the site’s blog page, and you can view never-before-seen images of Old Hollywood stars and movie sets. The app itself is free, but you will need to log in using your cable service provider information. It’s worth it to have access to all of these amazing films.


This app has a number of accolades. It is the most downloaded movie app in the Apple App Store and Lifehacker.com has labeled Flixter the best app for movie showtimes. Like Fandango, you can purchase tickets and read reviews, but Flixter is connected to another famous movie website, Rotten Tomatoes. You can download and stream movies and television shows as well as check out the latest movie trailers. Add your own movie review to the mix and use Flixter to create a list of movies you want to watch or eliminate the ones you don’t want to watch from your options. Considering you can manage your Netflix queue via Flixter as well, this is one app every movie lover must have. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Classic Sports Movies to Add to Your Collection

Baseball Edition

We love “best of” lists when it comes to building our movie collection. It's hard to find the right movies to place on our shelves when we consider the vast amount of films created all over the world. So, every now and then we will give you a list of our favorite films as a suggestion. Think of it as your cheat sheet to movie research. You might not agree with our picks, but you might be inspired to watch one you haven't seen yet and then add it to your home theater library. 

Field of Dreams (1989) – “If you build it, he will come.” So many famous quotes seem to come from sports movies and Field of Dreams spawned one of the most misquoted lines in history! In 1989, Kevin Costner starred in this film that combines magic, nostalgia, and baseball. Costner's character (Ray Kinsella) hears voices that inspire him to build a baseball diamond in his backyard. This diamond brings the ghosts of famous baseball players to play in front of the small town—one of those players being the ghost of Kinsella's father. This movie is said to be the movie to make even the most macho man cry, so keep that in mind, but it's also a great escapist film that makes you wish you could build a baseball diamond of your own.

Major League (1989) – Before Charlie Sheen was dating questionable women, tearing up Las Vegas and talking about tiger blood, he portrayed Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the Major League movie series. This flick is about the Cleveland Indians road to the playoffs. The team ends up with a new owner that wants the Indians to lose in order to move them out of Ohio. Once the players learn about their new owner's plot, they decide to start playing well on purpose, both to spite their owner and keep the team in Cleveland. If you enjoy the first Major League movie, make sure to check out the sequel that was released in 1994. Sheen returns in the sequel and the film keeps the same tone and humor of the first movie in the franchise.

A League Of Their Own (1992) – “There's no crying in baseball!” How many times have you heard that one? Directed by Penny Marshall (of Laverne & Shirley fame) this movie sheds light on the lives of female baseball players in the US during World War II. With the men off to war, women took over a lot of jobs once only done by men—including baseball. With an all-star cast including Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna, it's hard not to enjoy this classic. Baseball intertwined with politics and societies a lot back in the day, and this movie shows one of those instances in a comedic, yet memorable way.

The Sandlot (1993) – “You're killing me, Smalls!” Maybe you've heard your friends say it before, and I'm sure you've seen a clip of a freckle-faced redhead boy in a catcher's mask yelling “Play ball!” at a game. Well, that clip and that quote are from The Sandlot. This classic is about the summer adventures of a group of boys and their neighborhood baseball games. Other classic lines, like “You play ball like a girl!” (also used at sports games) come from this comedic and nostalgic film. For those of you that keep thinking about the good ol' days and your childhood, The Sandlot is a must.

42  (2013) – Although this was a recent entry into the world of baseball movies, it should still have a spot in your movie collection. 42 is the story of Jackie Robinson, the first black Major League Baseball player, and the struggles he had to go through to earn the respect of racist fans, players, and managers. It is a touching story, sometimes hard to watch (only because of how awful he was treated) that ends up teaching the audience a very important lesson—that baseball fans can be of any color, and from any walk of life, as can its players.