Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Watch The Ball Drop This New Year With New Home Theater Seating Accessories

Man watches NYC Ball Drop on New Years Eve in his Home theater
Entertainment rooms with theater seats are great for more than just catching the latest DVD releases. They're also perfect for any big televised event, such as a pay-per-view fight, the Super Bowl, or even a New Year's Eve countdown.

Entertainment rooms are even more fun when you add some decorative fixtures and equipment to help enhance the ambiance and overall experience. If you're planning to have people over to watch the ball drop and ring in 2012, then get your space ready by purchasing some of the following home theater seating accessories from TheaterSeatStore.com:
  • Popcorn machine or concession stand. Bring some of the best sights and smells of the cinema to your house by adding an old-fashioned popcorn popper or a hardwood concession stand with a glass display case. These items not only give your entertainment room a more exotic look, but also serve a practical function by providing delicious snacks your guests can enjoy in their theater seats.
  • Risers/platforms. For a truly authentic cinema experience, buy some prebuilt risers or platforms for your entertainment room. Risers allow you to create stadium style seating if you have more than one row of theater seats, thereby giving all your guests an unobstructed view of the screen.
  • Accent lights. Of course, the best viewing occurs in a completely darkened room. But to prevent guests from accidentally tripping over your home theater seating and other furniture, install accent lights or wall sconces in novelty shapes such as a filmstrip, five-pointed star, or movie camera.
  • Custom marquee. Nothing adds a "wow" factor to your entertainment room quite like a custom marquee. Modeled after real cinema marquees, these products feature fluorescent backlighting and chasing lights as well as a signboard where you can announce the current attraction.
  • Framed movie posters. Framed posters should be as standard a part of your entertainment room as your home theater seating. Surround yourself with posters of your favorite films, or pick a single genre, actor, or director to pay homage to.
Theater seats are the main draw in any entertainment room because they allow you to relax in unparalleled comfort and style. But the ambiance of the room is just as important to the cinematic quality of the experience as home theater seating is, so it pays to spend extra time attending to the décor. Check out these and other terrific accessories at TheaterSeatStore.com right now and see what a difference they can make in your own home.

Monday, December 26, 2011

How To Determine Your Style of Theater Seating

Modern Home Theater with Blue Lighting
Determining which style of home theater furniture to buy depends on a number of factors, including personal taste and budget. Obviously, you want to buy stuff that you'll enjoy looking at and using, but that doesn't cause undue financial strain. But perhaps the most important factor to consider when selecting theater seats is your existing décor.

Just like regular sofas, armchairs, and recliners, home theater furniture comes in a variety of styles and designs. This is good news for you because it means you can choose a style that fits right in with your current decorating scheme so you won't have to completely overhaul your media room. Purchasing theater seats that match your other furnishings or room accents (such as carpeting, area rugs, and window dressings) also results in a more polished look and cohesive ambience, which should certainly be one of your goals.
To help you decide on a good look for your media room, here's a quick rundown of the different styles we carry at TheaterSeatStore.com, as well as some tips on who should purchase the products.

Traditional and Classic
The products in these categories are designed in a timeless fashion that never goes out of style. These theater seats and sectionals tend to be bigger and slightly bulkier than modern creations, and feature lots of soft, round curves. They're often finished in deep, rich leather or darker earthy tones to match the wood furnishings that usually accompany them. If your viewing room is spacious and has dark wood tables or shelves, then you'll probably want to stick with our Traditional or Classic offerings.

Modern and Contemporary
Our Modern and Contemporary theater seats boast intriguing designs that mark them as products of the current era. They tend to have sharper lines and angles than the classic style, and are often more compact as well. These products are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, making them compatible with many decorating schemes. If you have a lot of glass or lacquer accents in your viewing room, then check out our Modern and Contemporary selections.

Space Savers and Oversized
These two styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and have to do more with available space than décor. Space saver or wall hugger theater seats are units that can be set up with minimal wall clearance to help maximize the limited floor space in smaller rooms. Oversized models, on the other hand, are unapologetically large and are obviously meant to be used in much bigger areas.

Microfiber is a very durable synthetic fabric that is used for many applications, including upholstery. Because it lasts longer than other types of fabric and is highly stain-resistant, this is an excellent choice for your home theater furniture if you have small children and/or pets. Many of our products are available with the latest microfiber technology, so be sure to shop this category if you expect your home theater furniture to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

When it comes to home theater furniture, TheaterSeatStore.com has numerous styles and designs to choose from. Our large inventory makes it easy for you to find theater seats that fit your décor, tastes, and usage needs, so visit our site today!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Space Saving Theater Seat Options For Your Home

Lane 220 Marquee Home theater Seats in Brown Leather
Home theater chairs are among the hottest furniture products around because they allow you to recreate the atmosphere of a cinema right in your own living room. If you're considering buying a few theater seats for your family to use and enjoy, you definitely won't regret it.

But one concern you might have before making your purchase is how much space you'll have to set aside for your new furniture. Home theater chairs are generally larger than conventional armchairs and recliners, so space is definitely an issue you must consider carefully.

For smaller viewing rooms, we carry many space saving theater seats from top manufacturers such as Palliser and Lane. These space saving units need only minimal wall clearance (typically 3 to 4 inches) to fully recline, which means you don't have to live in a mansion to be able to use them.

If free floor space is hard to come by at your house, then consider the following wall hugger designs:
  • Palliser Blade. These home theater chairs, which come in power and manual recline versions, are our bestselling space saver units. The Blade offers a 44" seatback that provides excellent support for taller users; a chaise style footrest for maximum comfort when in the reclining position; and an articulated headrest for better viewing.
  • Lane Grand Slam. The Lane Grand Slam is available in power and manual recline models that need a mere 3 inches of wall clearance. Both models are finished in black bonded leather that is soft to the touch, and they come with super plush seatbacks for extra comfort.
  • Palliser Magnolia. This model was made exclusively for Best Buy, and is designed to provide excellent features at a great price. Along with a deeply padded seatback and seat cushion that offer superior lumbar support, this chair also boasts cupholders and armrest storage compartments for added convenience. In addition, you can choose from a variety of leathers, fabrics, and colors to make these theater seats match your existing décor.
  • Lane Marquee. The Marquee home theater chairs by Lane save space in two ways: they hug the wall and they maximize the amount of seats per row. They also come with pad-over chaise footrests for a matchless combination of comfort and support. The Marquee is a great model if you have to seat a lot of people in a relatively small area.
Don't let a small living room or family room deter you from buying theater seats. Check out the wall hugger units available at TheaterSeatStore.com for home theater chairs that blend comfort and style in a space saving package.

Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Find The Best Home Theater Seating To Fit Your Home

Home theater Blueprints for Proper Seat Size
The hardest part about buying home theater furniture is figuring out if the chair, sofa, or love seat you have your eye on will fit in the prospective viewing room. Unless you have a huge expanse of floor space to work with, taking accurate measurements is crucial so you don't end up purchasing theater seats that are far too big for the room.

To help you determine which home theater furniture from our online store would fit into your media room, TheaterSeatStore.com provides customers with several handy resources that can be used prior to placing an order. Let's take a closer look at what these tools are and how they are designed to help.

"How to Measure" guide
This guide can be found at http://www.theaterseatstore.com/How-to-Measure, and features a detailed explanation of how to measure and maximize the space needed for theater seats. Among the topics covered include the audience size, distance from the screen, number of chairs per row, number of rows, and the ideal amount of space to leave between rows. The guide features drawings and diagrams that show you exactly how to take each of these critical measurements so you can be sure you're doing it right.

Dimensions & Configurations chart
There is a Dimensions & Configurations tab located on each individual product page for our entire lineup of home theater furniture. Clicking on this tab will open a PDF that gives you precise dimensions for that particular product. You can also see examples of various configurations (e.g. two-seat straight configuration, four-seat curved, etc.) along with the amount of space required to accommodate each one. By reviewing this chart, you'll be able to see if the theater seats you want will fit into your room.

Online room planner
The online room planner is also available for all of our home theater furniture products. This convenient tool allows you to drag and drop different numbers and configurations of your desired product around a virtual living room to give you an idea of how the finished space will look. You can even customize the virtual living room to approximate your own, giving you a more realistic visual representation of what to expect.
Clearly, it requires a bit of extra work to take all the measurements and test out all the possible configurations for your new theater seats. But if you do things properly, you'll be rewarded with a media room that looks fantastic and allows you to watch movies in ultimate comfort and style. In our opinion, that makes the effort worth it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Theater Seats

Couple relaxing on Home theater Seats with Popcorn
It wasn't very long ago that home theaters could only be found in seven-figure mansions in the swankiest neighborhoods and zip codes. But now the relative affordability of huge HD televisions and the widespread availability of home theater furniture have made it possible for individuals and families with more modest incomes to bring the cinematic experience into their homes, too.

Along with a large flat screen TV, good theater seats are the most important element of your entertainment room. After all, just watching movies from a regular sofa or armchair is hardly sufficient to qualify the experience as "cinematic." It's the cool home theater furniture that elevates the activity to a new level of enjoyment and makes you feel as though you're in your own private screening room.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your theater seats, here are some things to be aware of before and after you make your purchase.

Cost vs. Quality
Affordability is kind of a double-edged sword because many manufacturers are forced to use cheap materials to keep costs down. But the problem with this approach is that cheap home theater furniture is not very comfortable and doesn't last very long, which means you could end up with chairs that you hate sitting in and that you'll have to replace within a couple of years. It's a good rule of thumb to purchase the best quality that you can afford, so keep that in mind while you shop.

The right amount of seating
You'd be surprised at how many people fail to buy the right amount of seating for their needs. If you have a family of four, purchasing only two theater seats means you'll have to deal with constant arguments about who gets to sit where. Conversely, if you usually watch movies alone, there's no reason to buy four top-of-the-line power recliners. Do your best to buy the right amount of seating even if that means outfitting your media room in stages to lessen the immediate effect on your budget.

Overall setup of the room
The overall setup of the room has a major impact on the viewing experience. For instance, making sure your television is mounted at an ideal height, connecting and calibrating your sound system for superior performance, reducing or eliminating ambient lighting, and placing your home theater furniture in a way that optimizes your view of the screen will all help you get the most out of your equipment and chairs.

Now that theater seats are more affordable than ever, you can go ahead and furnish the media room of your dreams. Just make sure to keep the above points in mind before and after you shop so you can maximize the benefits of your new home theater furniture.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lane Furniture's Best Home Theater Seating Models

Clausen 370 Home Theater Sectional by Lane Furniture
When it comes to purchasing home theater furniture, we often recommend that first-time buyers stick with a well-known manufacturer such as Lane Furniture. Lane has been a major player in the industry for nearly a hundred years, which is a testament to the quality and reliability of their products. This fact alone is typically enough to convince customers that they would be spending their money wisely by choosing theater seating from this brand.

As the largest authorized online dealer of Lane home theater furniture, TheaterSeatStore.com offers many different styles and models for you to choose from. Among some of the bestsellers from Lane include:
  • Lane 103 Matinee Power Recline. This power recliner is finished in beautiful bonded leather and built with a 44" tall seatback for excellent head, neck, and back support. It comes with all the theater seating features you could possibly want, including removable swivel tray tables, in-arm storage, chaise footrest, and wallhugger design.
  • Lane 315 Cinema Power Recline. The 315 Cinema model is stylish chair that has pillow top cushions for exceptional comfort. It also boasts LED ambient base lighting and lighted cupholders hidden away under the sliding armrests.
  • Lane Clausen 370 Sectional. If you have a spacious media room that can accommodate lots of home theater furniture, then check out the Clausen 370 Sectional collection. This collection consists of such pieces as an armless chair, storage console, recliner, wedge, and chaise, all of which can be purchased as a group or individually. Each piece is finished in soft leather for comfort and style.
  • Lane Canterbury320 Sectional. The Canterbury 320 gives new meaning to the term "lap of luxury"! Pillow top padding and double plush cushioning are combined with extra lumbar support to produce some of the most comfortable theater seating money can buy. You'll also love the Zero Gravity reclining mechanism that allows you to recline in an almost fully horizontal position.
If these products don't quite mesh with your tastes or budget, we invite you to view the rest of our Lane home theater furniture lineup at TheaterSeatStore.com. We have many more styles to choose from, so we're sure you'll be able to find theater seating that's perfect for your media room.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How To Transform Your Family Room Into A Home Theater

Friends and Family Enjoying Home Theater Movie Night
Transforming your family room into a home theater doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Besides buying theater seats, most of the tweaks you need to make are actually just minor improvements that go a long way towards enhancing the ambiance, visual appeal, and acoustical quality of the room. Here are some tips on how to convert your family room—or any room—into a great place to watch movies:
  • Arrange your home theater furniture properly. When you want the best view of the screen at your local cinema, you sit in the middle of the row. The same principle applies at home. A head-on view will always be better than one from an angle, so try to arrange your theater seats accordingly.
  • Dim the lighting. To enjoy the crystal-clear quality of your HD TV and Blu-Ray player, dim or turn off the lights while the movie is playing. Keep your home theater furniture away from windows if possible, and add heavy curtains or shades to block out light during daytime screenings.
  • LinkWall-mount your speakers. Carpeting may absorb sound from your external speakers, thereby reducing the audio quality before it travels back to your theater seats. Instead, try wall-mounting your speakers or putting them on a shelf so they sit a couple of feet above head level.
  • Cover all wiring. Why go to the trouble of buying nice home theater furniture and mounting your speakers on the wall if you're just going to leave all the wires and cables from your electronic equipment exposed in an unsightly mess? To improve the area's visual appeal, spend a few bucks on a wire channel and get those cables organized.
  • Add floor lights. Some theater seats come with LED lights along the bottom to help you see in the dimmed room. If your chairs don't have this feature, you can add floor lights to achieve a similar effect. Just buy a string of rope lights from a home center and use the included clips to secure them to the baseboards or walkways of the room.
Putting home theater furniture in your family room does not mean you now have a state-of-the-art media room. You still need to make a few more adjustments to get the ambience, visual appeal, and acoustics just right. The above tips can help get you started, so give them a try!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Six Home Theatre Seating Tips

Headliner Leather Home Theater Seats from TheaterSeatStore.com
If you want to improve your movie and television viewing experience, then buying theatre seats for your living room or media room is the way to go. Having a comfortable place to sit for the latest blockbuster, big game, or most recent episode of American Idol can make all the difference between enjoying a couple hours of fun entertainment and spending the whole time with an aching back thanks to subpar furniture that lacks proper support.

As you shop for affordable home theatre seating, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. Should you go with a recliner or a chaise lounge? Do you have enough space for an entire sectional or should you just stick to a couple of matching theatre seats? Before getting out your credit card, take a moment to review the following six home theatre seating tips.
  1. Make enough space. In general, the more space you have in your living room or media room, the better. Theatre seats are fairly large, so try to use the biggest room at your disposal. You might even want to shift other furniture around to reclaim more space in the main viewing area.
  2. Consider the number of viewers. Do you like to watch movies and sporting events with a group of friends or do you prefer to go the solo route? The answer to this question will determine how much home theatre seating you need to buy.
  3. Shop with your existing décor in mind. Ideally, your new furniture should nicely complement your existing décor. The last thing you want to do is buy theatre seats that clash with your carpeting or wall art.
  4. Look for a balance of comfort and support. Having the right balance of comfort and support in your chair, sectional, or love seat is crucial to the long-term enjoyment of your furniture. Sometimes a "comfortable" chair fails to provide enough support, and vice versa. Reading user reviews can help you find products that offer the perfect balance.
  5. Purchase the best quality you can afford. Home theatre seating will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so it would be a good idea to buy furniture that is made of durable, stain-resistant materials for lasting performance.
  6. Create a budget and stick to it. Prices for theatre seats vary greatly. They can start at a few hundred dollars for basic models and go all the way up to several thousand dollars for top-of-the-line units. To help ensure that you spend only what you can afford, create a budget and stick to it.
Buying home theatre seating is a terrific way to make watching movies at home a lot more fun and exciting. By following the six tips listed above, you'll have a smooth shopping experience and can begin enjoying your new furniture soon.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Home Theater Design Options

Family Enjoying Catnapper Top Gun Home Theater Seats
Does your family love watching TV shows, movies, and sporting events at home? Do your kids often bring their friends over to play PS3, Xbox, or Wii video games for hours on end? Do you wish you had a dedicated media room for these activities? If you've answered yes to these questions, then maybe it's time to start designing your very own home theater.

This does not have to be an overly complicated or expensive endeavor, especially if you take the time to plan every move beforehand. In fact, assuming you already have a suitable television, all you really need to add are some speakers, a few pieces of home theater furniture, and some accessories to finish the job.

The holidays are actually a terrific time to get this project underway because a lot of the required electronic components and home theater seating will be on sale. This means you can end up saving a lot of money by getting started now.

Before you begin shopping for home theater furniture and equipment, however, keep the following points in mind:

Room size

The size of the room will obviously determine how much home theater seating you can install. Smaller rooms might only be able to accommodate one or two Palliser Bullet power recliners, while larger rooms would be able to handle full-sized Lane Advantage or Lane Colston sectionals. Taking accurate measurements and checking product sizes and specifications before you buy are critical to getting your media room properly furnished.

General layout

The television will be the focal point, of course, but from there you have to decide how you want to set up your speakers, components, and home theater furniture. Some options to consider include a straight line of VIP Cinema Clayton recliners; a curved Palliser Benson sectional; or side-by-side Bass Penthouse chairs. For larger rooms, you can even have a double row of home theater seating for the look and feel of a real cinema.

Electronic equipment can be contained on wall-mounted shelving, staged on the floor, or stored in an entertainment center cabinet. This will depend on space constraints as well as the type of mounting system you have for your television.


For most people, budget plays a key role in what they can do with their media room. If you don't have a lot of extra cash to work with, then entry level units such as the Klaussner Twilight or Berkline Tangiers recliner should be at the top of your shopping list. If money is no object, then you can look at high-end home theater furniture like the Fortress Matinee or the Fortress Hudson.

The same principle applies to the speakers and other electronic components you purchase. With a smaller budget, you'll have to settle for value-priced equipment, while a larger budget will allow you to buy the best products available.

Setting up a dedicated media room with extra speakers and home theater seating is a project that will benefit the entire family. Take advantage of current holiday sales to get the electronic equipment and home theater furniture you need at the lowest prices of the season!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Theater Seating With Power Recliners

Marquis Power Recline Home Theater Seat from Row One
After a long, tough day on the job, nothing beats relaxing in front of your huge flat-screen television to watch the newest releases from Netflix. And when you toss in your favorite beverage and a bowl of buttered popcorn, work problems magically disappear for the remainder of the evening. The only thing that could possibly improve this scenario would be the addition of home theater seating to your living room.

Watching a movie from typical couches or armchairs just doesn't compare to the experience you get with home theater chairs. That's because today's home theater chairs are comfortable, stylish, and equipped with amenities not found in standard furniture. This is particularly true with regards to power recliners, which are quickly becoming the most sought-after home theater seating product on the market.

Power recliners are superior to manual recliners and other furniture options because of the following features:

  • Push-button recline. The reclining mechanism on automatic home theater chairs operates with the touch of a single button located conveniently on the armrest. This means you don't have to struggle with a lever or change your physical position in order to get the chair to move.
  • Recline in any position. Unlike manual recliners that give you only two or three positions to choose from, power recliners allow you to recline at any angle. Simply push the button to begin reclining, and then release the button when you reach your desired position.
  • Fast and smooth operation. These home theater chairs are made with the latest technology to ensure fast and smooth operation. You can go from the upright position to fully reclined in a matter of seconds without spilling any food or drinks you might have on the trays or in the cupholders.
  • Handy accessories. As with most of the other home theater seating products we carry, our power recliners are available with a variety of standard and optional accessories, including LED cupholders, removable food trays, armrest storage compartments, and LED ground lighting.
Being able to unwind at home while leaving the cares of your job behind is an essential part of maintaining your sanity. Make sure you're able to do this in unparalleled comfort and style by purchasing a power recliner from the home theater seating experts at TheaterSeatStore.com.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top Palliser Theater Seating Options for Your Home

Palliser 41946 Bullet Black Leather Home Theater Seat
Theater seating is becoming a common fixture in residences all across the country as people strive to create the best at-home movie and television viewing experience possible. The spaciousness and amenities of theater-style chairs and couches appeal to consumers' ideals of comfort and convenience, making these products a consistent top seller in the furniture industry.

When it comes to buying theater seating for your home, Palliser is the only name you need to know. Over the years, this manufacturer has forged a well-earned reputation for quality craftsmanship, durable construction, anLinkd superior styling, which is why they are the number one choice among TheaterSeatStore.com's customers.
If you're thinking about upgrading your furniture, take a look at the following Palliser theater seating options:
  • Bullet Power Recline. Available in black or brown leather, this chair automatically reclines with the push of a button. It also comes with built-in cupholders, ambient base lighting, and a removable swivel tray that is perfect for popcorn, snacks, or your iPad or laptop.
  • Blade Power Recline. This is the best-selling Palliser product we carry. The Blade model features a generous 44" back height to ensure comfort for our taller customers, and offers superior support in the head, neck, lumbar, and leg areas. It comes with a deeply padded seat back and seat cushion, an automatic recline button, and has a space saving design.
  • Sequelle. For those with truly discriminating tastes, we recommend the Palliser Sequelle. This is a wall-hugging unit that allows you to fully recline even when the seat back is just a few inches away from the wall. The Sequelle can be purchased in a variety of different colors, patterns, and materials to suit your tastes, and can be further customized with Power Recline or Bass Shakers.
  • Circuit. This brand-new model represents the ultimate in home theater seating comfort, thanks to the ergonomic design and pillow top seat cushion. LED cupholders, LED base lighting, and armrest storage are all standard. Moreover, you can choose from straight or curved configurations, as well as loveseat or sofa-style designs to get the look you want for your home.
Any of the above Palliser products can help transform your dull living room into an entertainment enthusiast's dream. Be sure to visit TheaterSeatStore.com today to view our entire collection of theater seating options and choose the recliner, chair, couch, or loveseat that best fits your décor.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Home Theater Seating Ideas Just In Time For Football Season

Family Time Watching Football

As a football fan, you most likely have a game day ritual that you go through as you prepare to watch your favorite team destroy the competition. This might include eating a certain meal, wearing a particular jersey, or catching the action with the same group of friends every weekend. All of these things help make you feel more connected to your team and make being a spectator a lot more fun.

To further enhance your viewing experience, you should consider adding home theater seating to your man cave, basement, or living room. Home theater chairs are often more comfortable than standard recliners or sofas, and are available in your favorite pro or collegiate team's colors so there will never be any doubt about where your loyalties lie.

At TheaterSeatStore.com, we carry several styles of home theater seating for football fans, including the following officially licensed products:

  • NFL Pub Sofa. This stain resistant sofa features superior lumbar support, extra plush padding, and pillow top seat cushions to ensure you'll be comfy even if the game goes to overtime. The sofa comes in your favorite NFL or NCAA team's primary colors and has a logo on the middle headrest.
  • NFL Classic Sofa. For a home theater seating option with a traditional look, check out our NFL classic sofa. This product is made from premium density foam and Teflon treated microfiber for complete stain resistance and durability. It is then finished off in your team's colors and logos so you can show your support all year round.
  • NFL Home Team Recliners. Nothing beats kicking back in a recliner to watch your QB light up the other team's secondary all game long, and these home theater chairs allow you to do it in true NFL style. We're sure you'll appreciate the effortless reclining mechanism, chaise footrest, and generous amount of plush padding this product offers, as well as the fact that it comes with official team colors and logos.
  • NFL Big Daddy Recliner. Home theater chairs don't get any bigger than this! The NFL Big Daddy Recliner boasts a 46" back height to accommodate even the tallest fans easily, while the sturdy lumbar support and footrest combine to provide excellent comfort in the reclining position.
If you're ready to take your football game day viewing experience to the next level, check out the home theater seating options we have at TheaterSeatStore.com. Our NFL and NCAA home theater chairs and sofas are a terrific way to show off your loyalty and are a must for every true fan!

Theater Seat Store Leads the Way to Black Friday

For the first time in company history, TheaterSeatStore.com is opening up Black Friday discounts to consumers everywhere beginning the week before Thanksgiving. The sale will run through Cyber Monday, November 28, 2011. In its largest sales event ever, TheaterSeatStore.com is offering customers 7% off any purchase over $1000. (Sale excludes only Palliser brand models)

This 7% off creates huge savings for those shopping through the Shopping Cart and entering coupon code TSS7BLACK or by calling one of the company’s helpful Comfort Specialists at (888) 602-7328.

TheaterSeatStore.com already features some of the lowest prices in the industry, and customers will still be eligible to receive free shipping on their orders and no taxes in 48 states.

By offering this unprecedented Black Friday Sale online, TheaterSeatStore.com is providing a way for its fans and new customers alike to outfit their home entertainment spaces with the highest quality home theater furniture available at incredibly discounted prices, from the comfort of their own homes. Secure shopping online is fastest, most convenient and cost effective way to shop for top-brands of furniture today, including Lane, Jaymar, and BarcaLounger, among others.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Albany Industries Furniture Now Available Online at TheaterSeatStore.com

For discriminating consumers looking for home theater seating with exclusive channeled comfort, high seat backs, and custom configuration, Theater Seat Store is pleased to announce that they are now offering Albany brand products in its extensive inventory of high-quality home theater furniture.

Albany is an industry leading brand manufactured in the United States with an emphasis on value, quality, and comfort. Theater Seat Store is the top-selling online retailer of home theater seating, and prides itself on carrying high-quality, high-value brands such as Albany. They have added several best-selling home theater seat models to their catalog just in time for incredible Black Friday savings. And as always at TheaterSeatStore.com, shipping is free to customer’s doorstep.

Albany theater seats such as the Albany 8630 feature fully padded head support, channeled seat backs, and padded chaise style ottomans in either manual or power recline.

Ordering is simple and convenient either through the TheaterSeatStore.com shopping cart or by calling one of the helpful Comfort Specialists at (888) 602-7328.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Theater Seat Store Adds Top-Selling Manufacturer Barcalounger to its Inventory

One of the leading names in reclining furniture is now available direct to you on TheaterSeatStore.com. The industry’s best-known online retailer continues to add top brands to its catalog, with Barcalounger available now just in time for Black Friday savings.

“We worked really hard to get this prestigious and high-quality manufacturer online for our customers in time for the holidays,” said the Theater Seat Store’s Peter Goldstein from the company’s Golden, Colorado, office. “We believe their exclusive home theater seating models such as the Cameo, with its tray tables and lighted rails, and the Matinee, with its handy cup holders, will provide our customers the kind of comfort and convenience they deserve.”

Barcalounger has been a household name in reclining furniture since the 1940’s. The company is renowned for its American-made quality and innovation. Being able to shop for this exclusive brand on TheaterSeatStore.com from the convenience of your own home with free shipping makes the shopping experience easier, more pleasant, and more cost-effective. One of TheaterSeatStore.com’s Comfort Specialists is available to assist you throughout the ordering process.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Atomic - Another Hot New Theater Seat Exclusive

Palliser Atomic Theater Seat
TheaterSeatStore is proud to announce it's latest new exclusive introduction from Palliser -  the Atomic theater seat with a tray table.

The Atomic offers similar styling to one of the industry best sellers - the Pacifico - but adds one more exciting feature - the tray table.  The table fits securely into a brushed steel grommet on the front left arm rest of each recliner, just before the cup holder.  The demand for features in home theater is growing and storage and tray tables are highly sought after - along with power recline and lighted cup holders.

As with all Palliser models, this seat is available in black and brown premium top grain leather with perfect lower exterior matches, with power or manual recline options.  Custom order in other leather and fabric colors will be available in the not too distant future.  An industry leading warranty protects the frame, power recline and material covering ensuring complete peace of mind.  The black or brown leather manual recline versions will start selling for $579 including shipping with a $100 up charge for the power versions.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ashley Furniture Buys Berkline Intellectual Property

Ashley Furniture has been the successful bidder for Berkline's intellectual property assets, paying $6.07M in the auction.  They had made an initial bid at the start of the bidding for $850,000 and beat other bidders.

Berkline decided to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March 2011 with the intention of liquidating it's assets.  As one of the leader's in reclining furniture and the largest brand in home theater seating, the news in March came as a surprise to many in the industry.   Their brand recognition and quality remained sought after - even after the announcement.  Berkline has been in existence since 1928 and operated out of Morristown Tennessee.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Home Theater Introductions Across the Board

Lane Grandslam 175
This week marks the end of the Las Vegas Furniture Market which was the first major market post the demise of Berkline.  For this reason, there were many brands introducing large home theater offerings - some for the first time.

Lane Furniture brought 15 new styles to the show, many completely new designs incorporating sought after features like contour seating, chaise style foot rests and power headrests.  The offering is by far the largest in new home theater from any one single brand.  One promising design is the Bijou group which incorporates all these features.  Other more familiar models include the Matinee 103 which is the same design as the Berkline 12003 Reno.  Another Berkline favorite now being offered by Lane is the 13175 model which Lane have developed as the Grandslam 175.

Other brands offering new introductions to this category are Klaussner Furniture, Barcalounger and Mac Motion to mention just a few.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

TheaterSeatStore.com Showcases Their Youtube Channel

We are proud to announce that now all the videos produced over the years on top selling home theater products for the site products can be found in one place on our Youtube page.  Just enter www.youtube.com/theaterseatstore and click on any one of the featured videos.

New videos added include Jaymar home theater products as well as the Palliser Blade.  Others will be included over the course of the next month with more expected in the 3rd quarter.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lane Steps Into Home Theater in A Big Way

Lane 103 Matinee Theater Seat
The demise of Berkline came as a big surprise to many in the industry, the details of which are included in an earlier post in this blog.  Berkline represented the lion's share of the home theater seating furniture sold in the US market, with Palliser coming in close behind them.  The big question on everyone's mind was who will step up to the plate and challenge the space in Berkline's absence?

Lane Furniture Company appears to have taken that challenge and by all accounts is right on track to make a dent in this space.  Key Berkline models that offered features customers admired have been used in creating some exciting new Lane models at compelling price points - similar to those offered by Berkline.  Lane also strategically hired some of the top Berkline home theater staff in an effort to make an investment and concerted push into the industry.

The summer Las Vegas furniture market will be used to introduce at least 8-10 new Lane home theater models.  Having worked extensively with Lane over the past few years, we can confirm that these models are exciting and will bring something fresh to the market.  

Lane is the largest reclining furniture brand in the world and operates out of St Louis and Mississippi, shipping custom made furniture in 3-4 weeks from order date.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Exclusive - The Bullet from Palliser

TheaterSeatStore is once again proud to announce a new exclusive event with Palliser Furniture - the arrival of a best in class space-saver called The Bullet

With the world of home theater experiencing a dramatic set back on the untimely announcement of Berkline's liquidation, the options to consumers in the short term will be constrained.  The Berkline Tangiers was a industry leading space-saver with no real competition from the field.  Now the Bullet offers all the same features and more. 

Features include a chaise style foot rest - missing in the Tangiers - with lighted cup holders and a burl wood black colored tray table.  The base of the seat has ambient lighting for a true theater experience.  Most importantly these lights are not daisy chained to the entire configuration like they would have been with Berkline (even though the Tangiers did not offer lighting - this type of connection existed on other Berkline models) which is a feature that has the ability to cause frustration.  If one seat loses it's lighting then the entire chain is broken and all seats will lose the ambient lights.

The Bullet is available in stock in most configurations and can be delivered in around 10 days.  Material options include black or brown leather match, with power recline or manual.  Of course this includes Palliser's industry leading warranty - limited lifetime on the frame and mechanism and 5 years on the padding - power is warranted for 2 years.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dispelling the Myths on Power Recline

Power recline is now completely in the main stream but there is not a single day that goes by without someone from our sales floor being asked about the risks of ordering power over manual.  The concerns would have been valid a few years back but today it should not cause anyone to hesitate for a second.

The motors used in power recline theater seats generally all come from a small handful of manufacturers.  These same brands make the exact same motors that go into cars today.  There is no hesitation when buying a car with power recline seats so their should be no hesitation buying a theater seat.  In the event that you do have a problem with the motor there are fail safes.  One, all motors have at least a one year warranty and from my experience if you are going to have a motor breakdown, it happens right in the beginning - within the first week in about 80% of the cases we see.  The remaining 15% of break downs will occur within the first year and then there are about 5% of motors that will give out beyond that period.  

Lets further assume that the motor breaks outside of the warranty - circumstances are not as bad as you may think.  Replacing the motor is easy.  The cost of the replacement motor with shipping to your home is between $75-$100.  The motor itself can be installed by a child - it literally takes less than 5 minutes.

So, with some fears abated - go out and enjoy those seats!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Movie Theater Economics

The cost of going to the movies has changed today dramatically when compared to 20 years ago.  Here is some interesting data that was compiled by our team recently that provides some valuable insight into the economics of the transaction.  This could also be a key driver in the trend to home theater the experience.  No doubt technology has played an important part in that trend as well with the advent of affordable large screen home theater electronics and sound.  If you cannot read the fine print, check the full graphic on our site here.

A previous post in this blog referenced an article featured in the USA Today that discussed the rise of home theater environments here in the US.  Their popularity continues to soar and the desire from enthusiasts to create the authentic theater experience has not subsided.

So, with that in mind, how much does it cost to have your own home theater?  It really is not as bad as you might think.

Certainly offers some food for thought??

Monday, May 9, 2011

Director's Rate of Return

This article provided some interesting analysis on some director's budgets and the revenue earned on their movies.  It shows how certain director's seem to have the midas touch when it comes to generating a return in the movie industry which is notoriously tough to succeed in.  This is just one director but some others can be found here: Director's Return

Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Theater Seating Space Requirements

The number one question that needs to be answered when buying theater seating relates to the dimension and space requirements.  The two factors that need to be considered here are the size of the actual seats and the distance that one needs to sit from the screen. 

The seat dimensions are the easy part, the harder part is figuring out the placement of the furniture in relation to the other seats and the screen itself.  The size of the screen in front of the seating plays a pivotal role in this decision.  Knowing the furthest and closest that one can place the furniture is important. The formula for this is quite simple - take the horizontal - not diagonal - length of your screen and multiply that by 2X to get the closest to the screen and by 5X to get the furthest distance from the screen.

This diagram helps map this out:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Berkline Decides To Close It's Doors

Berkline Furniture Company is now the latest casualty of the economic recession here in the USA and as of early April has decided to close it's door and file for bankruptcy protection with a liquidation of assets.  Orders accepted by the factory were being honored - we're not sure for how long that will continue. 

This represents a sad day for the industry and a great loss to consumers as Berkline always maintained a high standard of quality - building most models domestically here in TN - they are one of the last US based furniture brands that haven't moved the majority of their production to Asia in some shape or form.

In the home theater industry, Berkline have been instrumental and powerful.  Their large range of models have driven the industry from a design perspective and dominated all home theater seating sales. 

There are also a number of rumors floating around that they will be resurrected by one of the heavy weight US furniture brands but that remains to be seen.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unethical Furniture - Is this too much?

Furniture is made primarily from wood, leather, fabrics and now polyurethane by-products.  The role of synthetic products in furniture has never been more important as the price of producing them decreases and the quality and look compared to the real thing improves.  But there are still some exotic materials that are being used that are getting attention.  They include:
  • kangaroo hide
  • cat and dog skins (in China)
  • animal blood and bone (used for glues)
  • ivory (no surprise)
  • antlers
  • human bones
Other popular hides are alligator and crocodile which are produced commercially now for many years - subject to seasonal hunting guidelines.  This article on Unethical Furniture goes into more detail on the use of 'unconventional' and sometimes 'unethical' products in furniture and other products and is well worth a read.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cowhide Home Theater Style

There is probably no room in the house that allows for more 'design identity' without the obvious consequences than a home theater room.  If you love Batman, some have made Batman caves with 70 inch screens and luxury leather seating.  There is a reason this room has adopted the phrase 'man cave' so easily.  It's an environment that should be an expression of the fantasy that enjoying a movie often takes one to.

To match the broad spectrum of fantasies, the home theater industry has risen to meet the full range of needs.  If you especially like Westerns, there are tons of options for decor and furniture.  No better in our opinion than Tahoe Seating - the leader of home theater furniture cowhide style.

This seat, the Tahoe Ruidosa offers heavily rolled arm rests with thick padding and a custom selection of nail heads to finish the front trim.  Wooden feet are offered in a large number of premium woods and the seat can include a power recline mechanism.  Select from an almost unlimited hide and leather selection and enjoy a generous 44 inch seat back height.

Berkline Price Increases Effective March 01, 2011 On Select Models

Berkline will institute minimum pricing policies across their entire product line starting March 01, 2011.  Most of the line is currently protected by this MAP pricing but there were a few exclusions.  These exclusions included some of their top selling models like the Berkline Reno, Tangiers, Trylogy and the 45090, to mention just a few.

What this effectively means is that the prices of these excluded models will now increase to the required minimum pricing as instructed by the policy.  It effectively will push prices for the Reno from an industry average of $599 to $630.....or a 5% increase.

The time to buy your seats is now, especially if one of those models was on the radar.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Does it get better than this??

You know when you have arrived.....when this is your home theater room!!  Used by a Hollywood executive on transcontinental flights, this is probably as good as it will ever get.  Installed to allow for better productivity while traveling, this lcd was, at the time, the biggest ever on a private plane.

Many planes bought today have interiors custom designed by their owners to meet their needs.  If one would consider a custom design for one's home, then why not do the same for one's private plane.  Common design requests include home theater environments, marble floors, bedrooms en suite and decorative artwork.  Not surprisingly,  one of the most requested elements are custom crests with initials.

These type of interior design jobs commonly run into the millions, depending on the level of customization and features.  The design process involves several creative renderings of the desired interiors before the final product is agreed upon.  Often the latest in 3D dimensional modeling technology is leveraged to create an experience, as close to the final product as possible.

 Luxury does not fly much higher than this.