Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Palliser HT Features Video

Palliser is a leader in home theater furniture and is known for its quality and clean designs.  The nature of Palliser seating is that it is generally all custom order product which means that each item can be customized by material, color and many features.

This short but very informative video released by the brand, gives an excellent overview of some of the options that are available for this top home theater seating brand.  The features identified in this video represent the most popular features but are by no means all the features.  The list is far more substantive and includes many upgrades.

Every Palliser seat comes with an industry leading warranty that covers the frame and material for years of hassle-free use.  With over 6 years of exposure to this brand, we are happy to see their position and quality remains at an industry best level.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Klaussner Expands It's Line-up

Klaussner Juno in white leather
Klaussner Furniture is the 4th largest US furniture brand by the numbers and now they are pushing more aggressively into the home theater space.  A number of new custom introductions have been introduced that are worthy of mention and are an excellent addition to this space.

Apart from the Studio, Ambassador and Shubert that were discussed in a previous post, we are happy to welcome the Juno, Astor Place, New Amsterdam, Palace and AMP to the home theater seating market.  All of these new frames can be custom ordered with a host of fabrics, leathers and bonded leathers and deliver from the factory to your home in 6 weeks from the time of order.  Dominated by all the best features like chaise style foot rest and higher seat backs, these theater chairs are going to make an impact.

For more information on the individual styles and designs, please click here.