Friday, October 1, 2010

Choosing the right shipping method

Standard shipping for Theaterseatstore includes a threshold delivery which means the seats are delivered to the threshold of your home.  The threshold is defined as the front door and delivery occurs to the front door - not through the front door.  The distinction is important because there are liability implications that affect the shippers when they cross over the threshold and that demands more money in the form of an in-home or white glove delivery.

The white glove deliveries generally come in two forms.  One is when the furniture is brought into the room of choice, up or down no more than 2 flights of stairs, and placed in the packaging in that room for the customer to unpack and install at their own leisure.

The second type of white glove delivery is what's called a 'premium' delivery which means the furniture is brought into the room of choice, removed from the packaging and set up.  The set up does not include the connection of power cords -because that has further liability concerns for the delivery company and their insurers - and finally the pa caging is removed by the shipper and taken with them for disposal. 

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