Friday, January 17, 2014

NFL Legends Show Humble Respect for Life on the Grid Iron

In terms of luxury homes owned by professional Athletes, current Denver Broncos Quarterback, Peyton Manning has an absolutely beautiful mansion in Cherry Hills, Colorado.   His home is valued at $4.5 million dollars and features a wine cellar, billiards room, and home theater room.  What is most confusing to us is that his home theater looks like an average den or family room.  The room itself is classy and full of grace, yet may be found in any upper middle-class American home.

As a career football player one would think that retired Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway would want a simply amazing space to relive the golden memories of six AFC Championships and two Super Bowl victories, but it seems that his high-tech entertainment room is simply ordinary.  As a native Colorado professional Home Theater retailer, we would love to give his entertainment room a makeover.

Terry Bradshaw, former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers listed his $9.9 million dollar Oklahoma 7500 square foot ranch home which sits on 650 Acres of beautiful Oklahoma land.  This rustic home features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 2 partial bathrooms with an array of relaxation options like a pool, tennis courts, a barn, an exquisite outdoor grilling arena and a simple entertainment room.  We got a good look at the listing for his home couple of years ago, and it doesn't look like this house has a home theater either!  The former athlete's photographed entertainment room consisted of a billiards and gaming table, coupled with a fully equipped old-fashioned juke box. 

Joe Montana, a legend in the history of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs listed his 500 acre Tuscan-Style Napa Valley estate for a whopping $49 million dollars which remained on the market at that price from 2010 until 2012.   We scoured the web but could not find a single photograph of an entertainment room or home theater on this property. 

We are a bit confused.   We assumed that someone who loves the game as much as they do would need the prestige, comfort, and bragging rights of a luxurious home theater fully adorned with relics and mementos of their successful careers.   So why do so many star NFL Quarterbacks have meager home theaters? 

Our best guess is that life on the field has given them a unique perspective.   Rather than sitting back and watching the game, they prefer to live it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Traditional Movie Theater Seating Takes the Stage

We are excited to announce an expanded selection of traditional movie style seats.  These seats are typical  
Finesse Plus Movie Seat
of what one may find in your local movie theater, but with many more bells and whistles.

Movie seats are easier options when forward space is limited when compared to many of the full extension loungers that we sell like Octane®, Palliser and Berkline.  The loungers all have full length foot rests that require a lot of forward space between rows. 

There are literally several hundred new movie seat styles available to us but we are showing just the top 27 styles based on customer interest and past performance.

Features like rockers, tray tables and cup holders come standard on many of the models and their flexibility in color and cover combinations is massive.  More importantly, these seats allow for the selection of various internal seating widths – not available on the loungers – so one gets the option of flexibility on the width too.

Our best selling styles are the Regal Plus, Verona Plus, Finesse Plus and the Como movie seats.  Every seat is manufactured here in North America and delivers from order date in 6-8 weeks.  The Plus version seats offer expanded features like a bigger wider seat back, or more arm rest variations when compared to the standard version of that style.  See the difference here between the Finesse Plus and the Finesse.

With impeccable quality and absolute attention to detail, these seats are receiving a very warm welcome from our customers and we are excited that we can now offer this expanded collection to our starting in 2014.