Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Leather should not be the only option in Home Theater Seating

Most people looking for home theater seating are surprised to hear that there are options available in fabric or synthetic leather. The dominance of black leather in home theater has obviously had its impact. There are other options!! Many of them look even better than leather - and I have been in this business for 4 years now so I have seen a lot of leather. Every once and I while I get to see a seat that proves my case and point. So enough said. Here it is. The Berkline 45035 Embassy. This is a brown leather looking microfiber that took my breath away.

This seat has the beautiful tufted seat back and sides and also lighted baserails and cup holders. The other valuable feature here is the arm rests that slide back and forth to hide the cup holder.

This combination was a real winner and a must for anyone considering not going with leather.

Furniture Market 2010 - New Berkline Theater Seating

Twice a year the furniture world convenes in High Point NC for the largest furniture market in the western hemisphere. Here all the top brands display latest additions to their lines and showcase many new and existing models. This year Berkline introduced some exciting new home theater models, as well as some transitional home theater features in existing models....if that sounds confusing, I will get into detail a little further down.

Anyway, on the new options, there are two other models with a tray table and storage - the Berkline 12011 and the Berkline 45038. The 12011 is similar to the Reno but has a triple split seat back with a more contemporary look. For instance, the arm rests are more rounded where the Reno is straight. I will attach a short video.

On the sofa side, the success of the tray table and storage on home theater has made its way over to sofas. I saw at least 3 models that have both these features - maybe more. Another popular introduction is the flip-down center seat back on a sofa that now includes cup holders on the back of the seat back.