Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Chat on Customer Wanting Large Theater Seat

Bruce: Welcome to the TheaterSeatStore.com. How may I help you?
Bruce: Hi John
John: Hi Bruce...How are you today?
Bruce: Excellent thank you. And you?
John: It's Monday...but atleast work is over :o)
Bruce: That sounds good. How can I help?
John: I'm looking for some advice/guidance on some home theater seating. I've done lots of research and I've come to the conclusion that I want the Berklines but not sure what model.
Bruce: I can definitely help you with that and you have made the right decision so far...
Bruce: Let me ask you a few questions first
John: sure thing
Bruce: and then I can recommend some good models
Bruce: How many seats do you want in a row and what dimensions can that row be at a maximum?
John: I am wanting two rows of 4 for a total of 8 seats.
John: give me two seconds and I'll give you a maximum total width
Bruce: Ok
Bruce: Take your time
John: need to bring up my drawing
John: The room is 18' wide and I believe I was wanting to leave a minimum of 30" on either side to walk which leaves a total maximum width of 156"
John: I am leaving 70" per row to account for full reclining
Bruce: Ok. That should not be a problem both on width and depth - most fully reclined seats are in the 64'68' range. Let me look at a few options quickly.......
John: ok...
Bruce: Last 2 questions.....
John: ok
Bruce: What material color is your preference and do you want a straight or curved row?
John: black in color and straight in configuration
Bruce: excellent....here are my suggestions
Bruce: the Berkline Reno is my top choice and the best seat on the market for the money and features at the moment
Bruce: let me send you a link
Bruce: Berkline Reno
John: ok
Bruce: This is an over-sized large theater seat that has a 4 seat straight width of 136.5
Bruce: We have this seat only in a premium black top grain leather - as shown
Bruce: with power recline and free expedited shipping for $649/seat
Bruce: there are no taxes outside Colorado and Florida where we have operations
Bruce: back to the seats....the Reno was introduced to the market in October and has been sold out right up until about 2 months ago
Bruce: the seat has in arm storage
Bruce: a free tray table
Bruce: and a chaise style foot rest...that provides great leg support and excellent styling
John: What level of leather does this come in? It states premium leather.
John: I believe typically Berkline lists 4 grades of levels
Bruce: It is a grade 3 classification according to Berkline
John: ok
Bruce: We rarely recommend the highest grades because they are very sensitive
Bruce: and scratch and scuff very easily
John: grade 3 is a good choice then?
Bruce: it is the perfect blend between durability and softness
John: I see you could also install the Buttkicker in these chairs
John: How is that installed?
Bruce: Yes.
John: I will have two outlets under each chair and I haven't decided yet if it's worth getting that option
Bruce: It is installed to the frame of the seat just below the reclining mechanism
Bruce: I think it is.....
Bruce: it is fun and very interactive and relatively inexpensive - about $178/seat extra
Bruce: you can also add them to select chairs in the row
Bruce: How tall is the average person who will be using these seats?
John: is there anything to hook up to the unit from the theater system?
Bruce: Yes...there is a wireless/wired amp kit which connects to up to 4 buttkickers available for under $500
John: My family is tall...I am 6'4", wife is 6'0" and both sides of the family are 6' or taller. I also have a question about the firmness of the Reno
Bruce: Ok..so the Reno is perfect because the back height is at the top end of the scale....
John: How firm is the seat and back of the Reno? I was looking for something firm yet soft (similar to a feather or pillow top mattress that gives you extra cushiness on top a firm mattress)
John: I also am looking for something with nice lower back support
Bruce: The seat back has a medium density padding in the Reno and is overpadded when compared to other models. You can see it in the picture - Berkline have added extra padding to the seat back for additional comfort
Bruce: The lower back panel also provides great back support - this has a two-way split panel for that exact reason
Bruce: The chaise style footrest on this model also assists with lower back support by providing continuous support on the legs
Bruce: That assists the lower back too
Bruce: Traditional recliners have a split foot rest
John: If I can, I have a couple comparison questions on a couple of other models that I would like your input.
Bruce: Sure
John: How would you compare the Reno to the Tangiers?
Bruce: The same leather on both but the Tangiers is a space saver and as a result is not as wide or tall as the Reno
Bruce: The foot rest is also traditional not chaise style
Bruce: There is also no storage in the arm rests
Bruce: or tray tables
John: ok
John: How would you compare it to the larger Apollo?
Bruce: The Tangiers is a great choice if you have space restrictions
Bruce: The Apollo is the largest of the Berkline seats and the most comfortable by far
Bruce: It has a power head rest and a memory foam ribbing around the seat that gives it a bucket type seating feel
Bruce: It is a huge seat and wonderful to sit in but is custom manufacturered to each order and is significantly more expensive on an apples for apples basis compared to the Reno
Bruce: About 80% more when you match features
Bruce: sorry - 60%-80%
John: I noticed it was more...:o)
John: What's your opinion of the Palladium?
Bruce: It is a space saver like the Tangiers with a regular foot rest - after the Tangiers, this is the next best space saving option - back height is a little lower than the Tangiers too
Bruce: The Imperial is like the Appollo but more contemporary in design
Bruce: another beautiful large seat
John: can you send me the link for that one so I can take a look?
Bruce: Sure....
John: The Box Office looks pretty large too.
Bruce: Berkline 45014 Imperial
Bruce: The Box Office is exactly the same seat as the Appollo but with no power head rest
John: So is the $649/seat the 50% off price
Bruce: Yes
John: I was reviewing Berklines Home Theater seating site and I couldn't locate the Reno. I assume it's listed on their site somewhere?
Bruce: No...they do not list any of the models that they make in their offshore facility on their site because they only make those models available to select dealers
John: oh...so the models listed are the only ones made in the US?
Bruce: Correct
John: I didn't know that.
Bruce: Yes. Same quality, same warranty...just only produced in certain colors
John: ok...well the reason I was looking for it is to look at all the options available on the RENO. Is it strictly power reclining and the buttkicker options?
Bruce: Yes. Those are the only 2 options available for that model. When you choose a custom model, you get much more
John: what is classified as a custom model?
Bruce: Anything on Berkline's site....these are models made to order
John: Have you sat in any of these chairs?
Bruce: I sit in them all on a regular basis and sat in most of them about 2 months ago at the furniture market
John: lucky you :o) The problem is we don't have any Berkline dealers near by in Indy. I think I've narrowed it down to the Reno and the Box Office. Which would you opt for since the prices are comparable and can you get the Box Office in the Black leather?
Bruce: The box office is definitely more money with the same leather and power - the value verse feature buy is the Reno. The comfort buy is the box office...it really is the most comfortable of any seat I have ever sat in....
Bruce: Do you want to see a great picture of it in black leather that I took at the furniture market 2 months ago?
Bruce: The Box Office?
John: sure
Bruce: I am going to email it to the email you included at the start of the chat right now......
John: ok
John: So have you ever tried out a recliner with the buttkicker? I'm going to have a pretty high end system with a 1000 W sub and some other serious speakers and I'm trying to determine if it's worth it.
John: no email yet
Bruce: Ok...check now
Bruce: Yes..I have experienced the buttkicker and with a sub-woofer of that size, I would not recommend it. The experience is slightly better with a buttkicker but totally sufficient with your set up.
John: nice seats!
Bruce: The pictures on the site just dont do it justice........
John: What is the total dimension on the Box Office with 4 chairs
Bruce: Please let me look into that for you. It should only take a moment.
John: ok
Bruce: 148.5'
Bruce: 70' fully reclined depth though!
John: ok can you get them in the same black grade 3 leather?
Bruce: Yes
John: what do I need to do to get a price? I'd like a quote on the Reno and Box Office...both grade 3 leather, power recline and add the lighted cup holder on the Box Office?
Bruce: The delivered price is $1125/seat with power recline....add $20/seat for power so $1145/seat with free expedited shipping
John: for the Box Office?
Bruce: That is $9160 for all and there is no tax charged - yes - that is the Box Office in the same grade of leather
John: ok...and for the Reno
Bruce: The Reno is $649/seat and $5192 delivered
Bruce: We only charge tax in CO or FL
John: ok...I see what you mean on the price
Bruce: I know...it's often the deal breaker - the value on the Reno because we buy such large quantities is so much better
John: The Reno has some good reviews on your site...actually all the Berkline's do
John: ahh
Bruce: Berkline is the US market leader
John: looks like delivery is 2-3weeks out
Bruce: on the Reno - yes
John: is the delivery considered white glove delivery?
Bruce: Its not but would you want white glove?
Bruce: It delays delivery by one week because we have to ship it via a speciality carrier
John: do the cup holders come in different material/color? Does your regular deliver basically get it inside the door?
Bruce: The cup holders on the Reno only come in the color shown....
Bruce: the regular delivery is threshold to your front door
John: ok...what is the cost for white glove?
Bruce: Its a $100 extra on the total order and they will bring it in your home, set it up and remove all packaging - all you have to do is open the door when they arrive and close it when they leave
John: ok...I need to get my wife's take but I believe I am sold on the Reno. Should call to place an order and is there a way I give your name to ensure you get credit for the sale (or can I ask for you?)?
Bruce: Sure. My direct extension and number is 888-602-7328 ext XXX......will you be calling this evening?
John: It will probably be tomorrow but I'll email this chat to my email so I have it. I really appreciate the time you spent answering all my questions.
John: For me it was time well spent since I don't have a local store
Bruce: Ok. Look forward to it John. Please call me if you have any questions at all.
John: Will do Bruce. You have a great evening!!
Bruce: Thank you for visiting Theaterseatstore.com. Please do not hesitate to contact us again through the online chat feature or by phone at (888) 602-SEAT if you have any further questions or comments. Have a great day.