Saturday, February 28, 2009

Proud to Announce that Palliser is Back!!

TheaterSeatStore.com is happy to announce that the famous Palliser home theater seating brand is back on our site. Technically, it never left, it was just marketed under the name Kiira Designs and the product line was reduced dramatically to only 6 theater seating models. Now it is back in full force - over 13 different models and 15 sectionals. The change comes about as a further revision to Palliser's internet policy which allows online retailers who have large sales volumes in their products to sell them under the Palliser name.

Peter Goldstein, VP of Sales at TheaterSeatStore.com, says "this is a great brand and a worthy competitor of Berkline here in the US market. We are very happy to able to provide our customers with a diversity of products to choose from with premium quality furniture like Palliser".

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