Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Theater Seating Space Requirements

The number one question that needs to be answered when buying theater seating relates to the dimension and space requirements.  The two factors that need to be considered here are the size of the actual seats and the distance that one needs to sit from the screen. 

The seat dimensions are the easy part, the harder part is figuring out the placement of the furniture in relation to the other seats and the screen itself.  The size of the screen in front of the seating plays a pivotal role in this decision.  Knowing the furthest and closest that one can place the furniture is important. The formula for this is quite simple - take the horizontal - not diagonal - length of your screen and multiply that by 2X to get the closest to the screen and by 5X to get the furthest distance from the screen.

This diagram helps map this out:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Berkline Decides To Close It's Doors

Berkline Furniture Company is now the latest casualty of the economic recession here in the USA and as of early April has decided to close it's door and file for bankruptcy protection with a liquidation of assets.  Orders accepted by the factory were being honored - we're not sure for how long that will continue. 

This represents a sad day for the industry and a great loss to consumers as Berkline always maintained a high standard of quality - building most models domestically here in TN - they are one of the last US based furniture brands that haven't moved the majority of their production to Asia in some shape or form.

In the home theater industry, Berkline have been instrumental and powerful.  Their large range of models have driven the industry from a design perspective and dominated all home theater seating sales. 

There are also a number of rumors floating around that they will be resurrected by one of the heavy weight US furniture brands but that remains to be seen.