Monday, December 27, 2010

$180,000 For This System??

That is just a smidgen of what some people are prepared to spend on their home theater sound systems.  The love of music for a few is shown by the extent to which they are prepared to reach into their pockets.

Here's a feature we researched and put together that may be interesting to many of our readers.  For those who love music, this is going to be fascinating.

 Most expensive home stereos feature.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Sale Extended to Year End

Due to the huge success of the year end holiday sale, TheaterSeatStore has decided to extend it's holiday savings sale using coupon 'HOLIDAY5' to get an instant 5% off during checkout. 

The sale is for select Berkline top sellers.  Custom models are excluded because they are subject to Minimum Pricing Guidelines set by Berkline and therefore cannot be discounted beyond a certain point.  This is the last opportunity to get models like the Reno and Tangiers at prices that will no longer be allowed by Berkline from March 01, 2011 as all models will then become subject to Minimum Allowed Pricing.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Berkline Home Theater Product Comparison Chart

We are happy to announce that at long last, we proudly present a product comparison chart that will take all the guess work out of understanding what the differences are between models in Berkline home theater seating.  This is a one page summary - in a chart form - of the models they offer and what distinguishes them by feature and design.  Here is the page on TheaterSeatStore.com - product comparison chart

This is extremely useful and after being in this industry for so many years and knowing as much as I do, I find myself referring to this chart all the time.  If you are in the market for Berkline seating, this is a must use tool.

Plans are underway to produce one for Palliser as well and we hope to have that done in the next two weeks.  We will load that to this blog the minute it is done.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leather vs Microfiber

Leather vs Microfiber - I can't decide.....

This is a question that often gets asked.  Both these materials come with major benefits but which is the best decision.  Here are some points of interest that may make the process easier:

  • Leather requires maintenance...that's the bottom line.  You can get a protected leather but reality is that it is a natural product and will require far more care and treatment than a synthetic material.
  • Leather gets better and better with age.  The nature of leather is that the more it absorbs the environment that it is in, the better it becomes to manage, and looks.  It needs to breath, and with careful use will look better 10 years later than any microfiber product.
  • Leather is generally a better choice when you don't have small children or pets on the furniture.  The reasons are obvious.  Spilling a glass of water can stain an unprotected leather and leave marks on protected leathers.  Leather is extremely absorbent and the hide acts like a sponge to almost any and all liquids.
  • One can wash almost anything off a protected microfiber.  The benefit of microfiber is it's 'washability'. 
  • There are now many leather look a likes that are in fact microfiber.  They are hard if not impossible to tell the difference.  So if you want the look of leather then consider a microfiber that looks and feels like leather and you cannot go wrong.
  • Bonded leather is not leather.  No matter how hard it is to tell the difference bonded leather is vinyl with leather offcuts glued to the back or unseen portion.  This gives the bonded leather the look and feel of real leather. See the video below for a detailed description of bonded leather.
  • Not all microfibers have the same level of protection.  Some are protected to resist staining more than others.  It's often worth spending the few extra dollars to get the extra protection and save yourself the hassle of your first wine spill.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wallaway Recline

We often get asked what 'Wallaway' actually means. It's hard to explain and understand it as 'the ability to recline fully by placing the furniture just 3 inches away from the wall".  A better way to understand it is to watch another short video from Berkline on the wallaway feature and how it works.  Its actually a unique reclining mechanism that allows for this type of operation where the seat reclines by having the seat - portion you sit on - move forward instead of only having the seat back recline.

Confused???  Watch this:

Bonded Leather Explained by Berkline in a Video

The debate and questions rage on as to bonded leather and its place in the universe.  There is no doubt that it is here to stay for good and will be a force in furniture for the foreseeable future.  Many variations of bonded leather of the last few years have been failures but the latest generations of products are very good - now lets just hope they stand the test of time.

This video from Berkline gives one a good look at a bonded leather products and also identifies what is done to manufacture the cover.  Bonded leather is now offered on sofas, sectionals, theater seating and furniture accessories and presents a significant savings over genuine leather.

The other major benefit of bonded leather is the fact that it is eco-friendly and is not made with the harmful and environmentally risky process used in the production of leather.  The curing and tanning process in leather production involves the use of dangerous and powerful chemicals.

Cyber Monday Sale Continues.........

Due to the overwhelming response from the Cyber Monday sale this season we have decided to keep the sale open for a few more days - at least until tomorrow.  Taking advantage of this opportunity gives one access to Berkline in-stock models at never before offered pricing.  These include top sellers like the Berkline Reno, Tangiers, Trylogy and more.  These are very in demand items and very rarely go on sale. 

Make sure to mention you want the special Cyber Monday deal to your sales person.  There are also a few other offers available relating to shipping upgrades but they cannot be combined with this offer.