Monday, February 10, 2014

Southern Motion Makes A Splash

Southern Motion Furniture is a relatively new company in the realm of furniture - only having started 17 years ago - a mere baby - where many established US based furniture companies are multiples, if not centuries older than that.  Their age has not stopped them from becoming a force to be reckoned with and it always amazes our team how concerned other brands seem to be at the mere mention of the ‘Southern Motion’ name.  

That type of reaction only happens when a company is doing something better than anyone else.  And those fears are justified.

Having focused only on motion furniture, they have become masters at their trade.  Now they are including home theater seating in their line and we are excited to present their full range of theater seats.  Here are is a run down of the models by popularity from our customers after having had them live for just a few weeks:

Viva Model 2577

The Viva is so unique in its styling that you are guaranteed not to ever see this made by any another brand.  The arm rests are backward sloping and arc in a very contemporary design that looks like the chair you would expect to see the Captain of the Starship Enterprise sitting in.  

The seat back is layered with dense padding that runs down the full length of the chair to the very end of the chaise styled foot rest.  The comfort factor is a 9 out of 10 and the Viva can be ordered in many colors in fabric, leather and bonded leather.  We have seen this seat in black and it looks breathtaking.

One criticism leveled at the Viva is the lack of padding on the arm rest.  While I did sit in this seat, it was not for an extended period of time, but I still found the arm rests to be very soft and comfortable with no noticeable discomfort at all.