Friday, January 28, 2011

Human Touch Offers The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Human Touch Perfect Recliner
The world of home theater furnishings has a number of luxury brand options. Many will push the price of furniture into a category that is significantly above mid-market brands like Palliser and Berkline.  These brands mostly offer luxurious custom options such as premium Scandinavian leathers, or customized seating built exactly to the users dimensions.  Their features and benefits are great - if you can afford them - but this portion of the market is competitive, and has not really offered anything original for many years.

Human Touch is a brand that offers options in the upper end of the home theater furniture spectrum that are ground breaking.  Their recliners are not only original and notable style icons, but bring benefits to the table that are not seen from anyone.  Their perfect chair recliners are zero gravity recliners that include a modern and clean design that will prove to be a work of art in any home theater room.

Zero gravity means the seat and foot rest recline backwards to a position which relieves the constant pressure one feels from the earth's continuous gravitational pull on our bodies.  Fully reclined, one's feet sit higher than one's head - a heart conscious and healthy posture to relax in.  Fine craftsmanship and attention to the smallest details, complete a product that is known for its quality and respected by its peers.

TheaterSeatStore is proud to offer this great brand of seating, along with all its models for purchase from January 2011.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Palliser Introduces Ambient Base Lighting

Ambient base rail lighting has been around in the home theater world for a while now.  It gives a theater room a very authentic theater type look when that low level lighting is on.  Berkline have had this feature for about 2 years and now Palliser have decided to introduce a broad offering of ambient base seating options.  They previously only had this feature on the Mellow.  Some of these new models include:

  • Zeal
  • Strategy
  • Fortune
  • Spectacle
  • Celebration
  • Circuit
  • Sensation
  • Firenze
Palliser's approach has been to introduce these versions with ambient base lights and a version without - but give them different names.  One nice feature that is also included here is the smaller scale seating as offered by the Firenze.....this continues to be a popular feature in home theater today.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Touchmotion Recline from Berkline

You may have been in the market for a Berkline theater seat or recliner and seen them mention the benefits of touch motion proprietary technology in their seats and wondered what that is?  Well, Berkline are helping us out here by providing a meaningful video that describes touchmotion in detail and how it benefits the product and user experience.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Palliser Product Comparison Chart

Palliser is one of the dominant theater seating brands in North America.  Their products are known for quality and attention to detail and can be seen across the country in most leading home theater stores like Magnolia.  Here is a model comparison chart for Palliser similar to the one that was produced last month for Berkline which received a very positive response.  This chart will help simplify the differences that define models within the brand.

Palliser Blade Videos Introduced

Palliser Blade in Black Leather
The Palliser Blade is an exclusive offering by Palliser Furniture to TheaterSeatStore and was introduced in September of 2010.  This seat is a space saver that has a high seat back.  Since the very first day of its introduction, this seat has been a success because it finally offers a viable alternative to Berkline' Tangiers.

The market benefits from having choices.  That is a known fact.  The Blade is Palliser's space saving introduction to the home theater world.  It brings a best of breed feature set into a design that is clean and driven by function.  Although we have reviewed the seat earlier in this blog, the real benefit comes by now being able to watch our professionally produced video of the Blade and seeing the seat in action.  A picture may speak a thousand words but a video will say it all.

Watch this video here: Palliser Blade 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Berkline Elite Theater Seat Videos

TheaterSeatStore is proud to announce the release of a professionally produced product video for their top selling Berkline Elite theater seat. The Berkline Elite is the space saving model that Berkline Furniture produces exclusively for TheaterSeatStore.

See the seat in action as we describe the benefits in crystal clear high definition video. The Elite includes deep in arm hidden storage with a tray table and a high seat back. This seat has an articulated head rest and stylishly curved seat back. The main benefit of the Elite is the reclining mechanism which reclines to the point where the foot rest is slightly higher than the seat cushion which is supposed to be heart healthy.

The seat is now available on quick ship within 10 business days after having been sold out after its first month's introduction due to its popularity and value.

Check out the latest video edition here: Berkline Elite

USA Today Reports Home Theater is Booming

Nobody needs to be reminded of how rough the US economy has been over the course of the last 2-3 years.  Every publication documents the dire state of the nation across almost all industries.  But, according to an article published by the USA Today 'Home Theater Gear is a Booming Business' and Berkline - the largest provider in the US - is experiencing strong sales and year over year growth in this category.  The global demand for home theater is expected to reach $2.9BN in 2013 from $1.9BN in 2006.

That is impressive growth.

Apparently this trend was started by the renewed interest in televisions that came about with flat screen technology reaching the masses.  Home theater products include sound systems, display systems, players, media storage and furniture.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Videos Added for Jaymar Home Theater

Jaymar Home Theater Seating
Buying furniture online has never been easy for most people because of the lack of the touch and feel element.  TheaterSeatStore helps overcome this fear by providing professionally produced videos of some of the top products in the industry from lines like Berkline and Palliser, just to mention a few.

Now we are proud to offer some Jaymar home theater seating videos.  This exclusive line of home theater furniture from Canada is cutting edge in its design and priced above the main stream but nevertheless an excellent deal for the money.  The following top 3 sellers from Jaymar are featured here:

  • Jaymar 262
  • Jaymar 59142
  • Jaymar Panther