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Top 5 Most Popular Home Theater Seats

Top Five Most Popular Home Theater Seats

Berkline 090

This is one of the first models Berkline designed and has been considered the “standard” to which all other theater recliners are compared against. The theater recliner provides a classic look that stands the test of time with clean lines and elegant flair. The design is versatile in that it can blend well in most home theater and media room decors – from the traditional, the contemporary, and the classic and other styles. The theater seat was built to fit most sizes, with a 41 inch back height and a 25 inch seat width. Whether the customer is 6”2 or 5”2, this theater leather recliner provides optimum comfort and design. The theater seat boasts Berkline’s Wallaway Design, which allows it to be placed inches away from a wall and still fully reclines. The footrest is a ChaiseLounger that provides continuous, head to toe support when reclined. Other options include lighted cup holders, a power recline mechanism to effortlessly recline to any position, and the Buttkicker – a silent subwoofer factory installed in the seat that allows viewers to feel powerful bass to create the feeling of actually being “in the movie”. Berkline offers an endless selection of smooth buttery leathers and a rainbow array of premium microfibers. The theater leather recliner can be designed in straight or curved configurations, with or without middle arms to create that perfect fit or design the customer is truly looking for. An additional feature this model provides is the “seat and a half” – a whopping 35 inch seat width which can be used as a loveseat between seating configurations.

Berkline 099

With comfort, quality and design as the top three criteria consumers shop for it is no wonder the Berkline 099 has made it to the number two spot on our list. This movie theater leather recliner boasts a 44.5 inch back height which means even the tallest customer will have full head support while watching his favorite flick. A generous 26 inch seat width will ensure there is more than adequate space to find the perfect spot for complete relaxation. This chair offers an optional “spill proof” wood burl trim around the cup holders that provides an elegant finishing touch. As with all Berkline movie theater recliners, it also comes with the Wallaway design, ComfortRest continuous leg support, optional motorized recline, lighted cup holders and Buttkicker. This seat has a beautiful classic design that will stand the test of time.

Palliser Sequelle

As one of the top names in theater seating, Kiira Designs takes our number three spot. This Canadian manufacturer is known for their attention to quality and detail and has designed a portfolio of theater seats with a contemporary flair. The Majestic is artfully designed utilizing tailored lines and a 43 inch back height for complete headrest comfort and a Chaise style footrest for continuous leg support. As with all of the Palliser models you have a choice between an endless array of smooth leathers and fabrics and a palette of colors to meet the strictest standards of any designer needs. The Sequelle offers a choice between antique bronze and stainless steel cup holders, and multiple wood finishes for the legs of the theater recliner. Motorized recline is also an option to effortlessly recline to your favorite position. The seats can be configured in both straight and curved configurations, as well as loveseat and sofa combinations.

Berkline 45002

This is one of Berkline’s newest additions and in my opinion, the most comfortable theater seat I have ever sat in. This seat comes standard with both a motorized recline and a motorized articulating headrest. This seat was constructed with ultimate comfort in mind: with a 45 inch back height and 26.5 inch seat width, this is Berkline’s biggest seat that will provide the most comfortable seating you can experience. The seat has a boxed stitching design that envelops the customer in the seat. The articulating headrest will prop your head up to reach your optimal viewing position even in a fully recline position. The seat cushion is a CMAX chaise which is an innovative construction of foam and fiber layers that provides continuous, head to toe support when reclined. Buttery leathers, endless microfibers and all the other Berkline features make this one of the highest quality seats on the market.

Vanguard Sofia

For those customers who require the best quality seating for the most economical price and readily available for immediate shipment, the Vanguard Sofia stands by itself. This seat is offered as part of Theater Seat Store’s signature Quick Ship program and offers the best in quality and design at unbeatable pricing. For under $1,250 you get a row of three seats delivered to your door (available in rows of two or more). With top grain leather on all seating surfaces in either black, brown or burgundy and the famous Leggett and Platt manual reclining mechanism this seat is one of the best values for the money.

Celebrity Lounger

For those customers with discriminating taste, the Celebrity Lounger takes first prize. Draped in either Italian leather, top of the line suede’s or COM (customer own material), full lumbar support and an award winning design, this chair offers the highest level of comfort. Customers can choose to have custom fitted tilt out wooden cup holders in the front of the chair stained with their own custom finish. This chair looks beautiful in either a dedicated theater room or in a living room due to its classy style and wooden finishes.

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