Friday, July 30, 2010

Berkline Recliners for Your Home Theater

Who says you have to buy a seat with cup holders for your home theater?? Regular recliners work just as well and Berkline is a great choice for recliners too.

Berkline does it again with this gorgeous, comfortable WallAway Recliner. In two neutral fabric choices (Gunslinger light and dark browm) that highlight the plush styling, this is an easy choice. With generous padding in its chaise lounge design, a waterfall style seat back and pillow-style arms, you’ll feel at ease in this plush recliner, whether upright or reclined, with comfortable extra-cushiony support for your legs, arms and back.

Innovative features include Berkline’s patented WallAway design that allows fully reclining within just inches of a wall, and a handle-activated motion that allows easy rising of the footrest. Features also include a removable back for moving the unit from room to room or within your home. Along with the neutral tone, the many choices you have when interior designing are enhanced by the WallAway design. Put it in the center of the room, or against a wall, allowing for unobtrusive design and a stylish room.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Where Does Jaymar Home Theater Seating Fit Into the Equation?

Jaymar Furniture are a Canadian manufacturer based out of Terrebonne, Quebec. They are a premium custom furniture manufacturer that were recently acquired by Group Bermex.

Jaymar makes contemporary furniture and is known for its wide selection of seats in the home theater category. The one seat in this group that has gained notoriety is the Jaymar 262 model...or Bass Celebrity model as it was known in the US under the marketing of Bass Industries. This seat is a industry success for a few reasons:

  • clean contemporary lines - not too modern
  • availability of premium Italian leathers
  • tilt-out cup holders that reveal a hidden place holder for your drink
Product ordered from Jaymar is custom made to order and takes 6-7 weeks to deliver. The quality is exceptionally good and leather source is of a very high standard. Other popular models from Jaymar home theater seating are the Panther, Model 57334 and Model 59121.

Friday, July 9, 2010

3 Questions You Won't Ask When Buying Home Theater Seating Furniture

Navigating through the minefield of websites and furniture providers when looking for theater seating furniture can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to consider when looking at different seating options that are often overlooked:

  • Who will be using the furniture? This is important because the material covering this furniture can be sensitive. If you will have pets or small children on your furniture then go for microfiber. The microfibers are the most durable and easy to clean. Leather is nice to the touch but needs to be maintained and cared for. It scuffs easily and is very porous and susceptible to liquids. Water can even stain a natural leather.
  • How tall is the tallest person who will be using the seating? If you have someone that is over 6 foot tall you will need to be accommodating in the seat selection. Not all seats have a tall seat back. Some are too short period! Make sure that your seat back is at least 40 inches and preferably between 40-43 inches.
  • How comprehensive is the seat warranty? The warranty is a testament to the quality of the seats. Manufacturers who believe in their products will put a comprehensive warranty behind them. That should include at least 5 years on the frame and reclining mechanism. Those are the two most important parts of the chair equation.
These questions should be asked to every retailer and buyer to make the most out of your next theater room furniture purchase.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bring the Box Office Home

The Berkline 45032 Academy home theater seating was designed with your comfort in mind every step of the way. This small scale theater seating is meant to give the user a true cinematic experience. All you need is the movie and popcorn and you are all set.

The seat is designed on a smaller scale like the Berkline Tangiers and works where space is at a premium. The major difference to the Tangiers being the fact that one can custom order the seats in many materials and colors and, the inclusion of ambient base lighting and lighted cup holders. The lighting gives the home theater room a true theater appearance and on this model the lights are controlled from the inside arm. Lighted cup holders can only be included on the power version of the seat.

A major styling difference is the chaise style foot rest - the most popular type for theater seating. Chaise style is when there is no gap between the seat and the foot rest. This provides continuous leg support. Another styling difference is the lower seat back panel, which is solid in the Academy and split into two panels in the Tangiers.