Friday, February 18, 2011

Cowhide Home Theater Style

There is probably no room in the house that allows for more 'design identity' without the obvious consequences than a home theater room.  If you love Batman, some have made Batman caves with 70 inch screens and luxury leather seating.  There is a reason this room has adopted the phrase 'man cave' so easily.  It's an environment that should be an expression of the fantasy that enjoying a movie often takes one to.

To match the broad spectrum of fantasies, the home theater industry has risen to meet the full range of needs.  If you especially like Westerns, there are tons of options for decor and furniture.  No better in our opinion than Tahoe Seating - the leader of home theater furniture cowhide style.

This seat, the Tahoe Ruidosa offers heavily rolled arm rests with thick padding and a custom selection of nail heads to finish the front trim.  Wooden feet are offered in a large number of premium woods and the seat can include a power recline mechanism.  Select from an almost unlimited hide and leather selection and enjoy a generous 44 inch seat back height.

Berkline Price Increases Effective March 01, 2011 On Select Models

Berkline will institute minimum pricing policies across their entire product line starting March 01, 2011.  Most of the line is currently protected by this MAP pricing but there were a few exclusions.  These exclusions included some of their top selling models like the Berkline Reno, Tangiers, Trylogy and the 45090, to mention just a few.

What this effectively means is that the prices of these excluded models will now increase to the required minimum pricing as instructed by the policy.  It effectively will push prices for the Reno from an industry average of $599 to $630.....or a 5% increase.

The time to buy your seats is now, especially if one of those models was on the radar.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Does it get better than this??

You know when you have arrived.....when this is your home theater room!!  Used by a Hollywood executive on transcontinental flights, this is probably as good as it will ever get.  Installed to allow for better productivity while traveling, this lcd was, at the time, the biggest ever on a private plane.

Many planes bought today have interiors custom designed by their owners to meet their needs.  If one would consider a custom design for one's home, then why not do the same for one's private plane.  Common design requests include home theater environments, marble floors, bedrooms en suite and decorative artwork.  Not surprisingly,  one of the most requested elements are custom crests with initials.

These type of interior design jobs commonly run into the millions, depending on the level of customization and features.  The design process involves several creative renderings of the desired interiors before the final product is agreed upon.  Often the latest in 3D dimensional modeling technology is leveraged to create an experience, as close to the final product as possible.

 Luxury does not fly much higher than this.