Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where does Coaster fit into the home theater seating equation

We often get asked about Coaster and how their seats shape up against Berkline and Palliser (now Kiira Designs). Well, here are my thoughts as briefly as I can convey them without putting anyone to sleep. Buy Berkline!!! No, jokes aside, Coaster is a value buy that offers excellent pricing and average to good quality for the money. Of course the area where the savings comes is in the warranty. Coaster only offers a one year warranty where Berkline and the others are generally in the 3-5 year category. Berkline has a life-time warranty on the frame. My suggestion in the Coaster line-up would be the Showtime. It gets the bulk of the consumer interest and has good back height - a feature that is very important and overlooked. Of course, the major benefit of Coaster is the in stock nature of the merchandise....large volumes of all models are generally kept in stock at 6 or more warehouses.

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