Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Watch The Ball Drop This New Year With New Home Theater Seating Accessories

Man watches NYC Ball Drop on New Years Eve in his Home theater
Entertainment rooms with theater seats are great for more than just catching the latest DVD releases. They're also perfect for any big televised event, such as a pay-per-view fight, the Super Bowl, or even a New Year's Eve countdown.

Entertainment rooms are even more fun when you add some decorative fixtures and equipment to help enhance the ambiance and overall experience. If you're planning to have people over to watch the ball drop and ring in 2012, then get your space ready by purchasing some of the following home theater seating accessories from TheaterSeatStore.com:
  • Popcorn machine or concession stand. Bring some of the best sights and smells of the cinema to your house by adding an old-fashioned popcorn popper or a hardwood concession stand with a glass display case. These items not only give your entertainment room a more exotic look, but also serve a practical function by providing delicious snacks your guests can enjoy in their theater seats.
  • Risers/platforms. For a truly authentic cinema experience, buy some prebuilt risers or platforms for your entertainment room. Risers allow you to create stadium style seating if you have more than one row of theater seats, thereby giving all your guests an unobstructed view of the screen.
  • Accent lights. Of course, the best viewing occurs in a completely darkened room. But to prevent guests from accidentally tripping over your home theater seating and other furniture, install accent lights or wall sconces in novelty shapes such as a filmstrip, five-pointed star, or movie camera.
  • Custom marquee. Nothing adds a "wow" factor to your entertainment room quite like a custom marquee. Modeled after real cinema marquees, these products feature fluorescent backlighting and chasing lights as well as a signboard where you can announce the current attraction.
  • Framed movie posters. Framed posters should be as standard a part of your entertainment room as your home theater seating. Surround yourself with posters of your favorite films, or pick a single genre, actor, or director to pay homage to.
Theater seats are the main draw in any entertainment room because they allow you to relax in unparalleled comfort and style. But the ambiance of the room is just as important to the cinematic quality of the experience as home theater seating is, so it pays to spend extra time attending to the décor. Check out these and other terrific accessories at TheaterSeatStore.com right now and see what a difference they can make in your own home.

Monday, December 26, 2011

How To Determine Your Style of Theater Seating

Modern Home Theater with Blue Lighting
Determining which style of home theater furniture to buy depends on a number of factors, including personal taste and budget. Obviously, you want to buy stuff that you'll enjoy looking at and using, but that doesn't cause undue financial strain. But perhaps the most important factor to consider when selecting theater seats is your existing décor.

Just like regular sofas, armchairs, and recliners, home theater furniture comes in a variety of styles and designs. This is good news for you because it means you can choose a style that fits right in with your current decorating scheme so you won't have to completely overhaul your media room. Purchasing theater seats that match your other furnishings or room accents (such as carpeting, area rugs, and window dressings) also results in a more polished look and cohesive ambience, which should certainly be one of your goals.
To help you decide on a good look for your media room, here's a quick rundown of the different styles we carry at TheaterSeatStore.com, as well as some tips on who should purchase the products.

Traditional and Classic
The products in these categories are designed in a timeless fashion that never goes out of style. These theater seats and sectionals tend to be bigger and slightly bulkier than modern creations, and feature lots of soft, round curves. They're often finished in deep, rich leather or darker earthy tones to match the wood furnishings that usually accompany them. If your viewing room is spacious and has dark wood tables or shelves, then you'll probably want to stick with our Traditional or Classic offerings.

Modern and Contemporary
Our Modern and Contemporary theater seats boast intriguing designs that mark them as products of the current era. They tend to have sharper lines and angles than the classic style, and are often more compact as well. These products are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, making them compatible with many decorating schemes. If you have a lot of glass or lacquer accents in your viewing room, then check out our Modern and Contemporary selections.

Space Savers and Oversized
These two styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and have to do more with available space than décor. Space saver or wall hugger theater seats are units that can be set up with minimal wall clearance to help maximize the limited floor space in smaller rooms. Oversized models, on the other hand, are unapologetically large and are obviously meant to be used in much bigger areas.

Microfiber is a very durable synthetic fabric that is used for many applications, including upholstery. Because it lasts longer than other types of fabric and is highly stain-resistant, this is an excellent choice for your home theater furniture if you have small children and/or pets. Many of our products are available with the latest microfiber technology, so be sure to shop this category if you expect your home theater furniture to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

When it comes to home theater furniture, TheaterSeatStore.com has numerous styles and designs to choose from. Our large inventory makes it easy for you to find theater seats that fit your décor, tastes, and usage needs, so visit our site today!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Space Saving Theater Seat Options For Your Home

Lane 220 Marquee Home theater Seats in Brown Leather
Home theater chairs are among the hottest furniture products around because they allow you to recreate the atmosphere of a cinema right in your own living room. If you're considering buying a few theater seats for your family to use and enjoy, you definitely won't regret it.

But one concern you might have before making your purchase is how much space you'll have to set aside for your new furniture. Home theater chairs are generally larger than conventional armchairs and recliners, so space is definitely an issue you must consider carefully.

For smaller viewing rooms, we carry many space saving theater seats from top manufacturers such as Palliser and Lane. These space saving units need only minimal wall clearance (typically 3 to 4 inches) to fully recline, which means you don't have to live in a mansion to be able to use them.

If free floor space is hard to come by at your house, then consider the following wall hugger designs:
  • Palliser Blade. These home theater chairs, which come in power and manual recline versions, are our bestselling space saver units. The Blade offers a 44" seatback that provides excellent support for taller users; a chaise style footrest for maximum comfort when in the reclining position; and an articulated headrest for better viewing.
  • Lane Grand Slam. The Lane Grand Slam is available in power and manual recline models that need a mere 3 inches of wall clearance. Both models are finished in black bonded leather that is soft to the touch, and they come with super plush seatbacks for extra comfort.
  • Palliser Magnolia. This model was made exclusively for Best Buy, and is designed to provide excellent features at a great price. Along with a deeply padded seatback and seat cushion that offer superior lumbar support, this chair also boasts cupholders and armrest storage compartments for added convenience. In addition, you can choose from a variety of leathers, fabrics, and colors to make these theater seats match your existing décor.
  • Lane Marquee. The Marquee home theater chairs by Lane save space in two ways: they hug the wall and they maximize the amount of seats per row. They also come with pad-over chaise footrests for a matchless combination of comfort and support. The Marquee is a great model if you have to seat a lot of people in a relatively small area.
Don't let a small living room or family room deter you from buying theater seats. Check out the wall hugger units available at TheaterSeatStore.com for home theater chairs that blend comfort and style in a space saving package.

Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Find The Best Home Theater Seating To Fit Your Home

Home theater Blueprints for Proper Seat Size
The hardest part about buying home theater furniture is figuring out if the chair, sofa, or love seat you have your eye on will fit in the prospective viewing room. Unless you have a huge expanse of floor space to work with, taking accurate measurements is crucial so you don't end up purchasing theater seats that are far too big for the room.

To help you determine which home theater furniture from our online store would fit into your media room, TheaterSeatStore.com provides customers with several handy resources that can be used prior to placing an order. Let's take a closer look at what these tools are and how they are designed to help.

"How to Measure" guide
This guide can be found at http://www.theaterseatstore.com/How-to-Measure, and features a detailed explanation of how to measure and maximize the space needed for theater seats. Among the topics covered include the audience size, distance from the screen, number of chairs per row, number of rows, and the ideal amount of space to leave between rows. The guide features drawings and diagrams that show you exactly how to take each of these critical measurements so you can be sure you're doing it right.

Dimensions & Configurations chart
There is a Dimensions & Configurations tab located on each individual product page for our entire lineup of home theater furniture. Clicking on this tab will open a PDF that gives you precise dimensions for that particular product. You can also see examples of various configurations (e.g. two-seat straight configuration, four-seat curved, etc.) along with the amount of space required to accommodate each one. By reviewing this chart, you'll be able to see if the theater seats you want will fit into your room.

Online room planner
The online room planner is also available for all of our home theater furniture products. This convenient tool allows you to drag and drop different numbers and configurations of your desired product around a virtual living room to give you an idea of how the finished space will look. You can even customize the virtual living room to approximate your own, giving you a more realistic visual representation of what to expect.
Clearly, it requires a bit of extra work to take all the measurements and test out all the possible configurations for your new theater seats. But if you do things properly, you'll be rewarded with a media room that looks fantastic and allows you to watch movies in ultimate comfort and style. In our opinion, that makes the effort worth it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Theater Seats

Couple relaxing on Home theater Seats with Popcorn
It wasn't very long ago that home theaters could only be found in seven-figure mansions in the swankiest neighborhoods and zip codes. But now the relative affordability of huge HD televisions and the widespread availability of home theater furniture have made it possible for individuals and families with more modest incomes to bring the cinematic experience into their homes, too.

Along with a large flat screen TV, good theater seats are the most important element of your entertainment room. After all, just watching movies from a regular sofa or armchair is hardly sufficient to qualify the experience as "cinematic." It's the cool home theater furniture that elevates the activity to a new level of enjoyment and makes you feel as though you're in your own private screening room.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your theater seats, here are some things to be aware of before and after you make your purchase.

Cost vs. Quality
Affordability is kind of a double-edged sword because many manufacturers are forced to use cheap materials to keep costs down. But the problem with this approach is that cheap home theater furniture is not very comfortable and doesn't last very long, which means you could end up with chairs that you hate sitting in and that you'll have to replace within a couple of years. It's a good rule of thumb to purchase the best quality that you can afford, so keep that in mind while you shop.

The right amount of seating
You'd be surprised at how many people fail to buy the right amount of seating for their needs. If you have a family of four, purchasing only two theater seats means you'll have to deal with constant arguments about who gets to sit where. Conversely, if you usually watch movies alone, there's no reason to buy four top-of-the-line power recliners. Do your best to buy the right amount of seating even if that means outfitting your media room in stages to lessen the immediate effect on your budget.

Overall setup of the room
The overall setup of the room has a major impact on the viewing experience. For instance, making sure your television is mounted at an ideal height, connecting and calibrating your sound system for superior performance, reducing or eliminating ambient lighting, and placing your home theater furniture in a way that optimizes your view of the screen will all help you get the most out of your equipment and chairs.

Now that theater seats are more affordable than ever, you can go ahead and furnish the media room of your dreams. Just make sure to keep the above points in mind before and after you shop so you can maximize the benefits of your new home theater furniture.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lane Furniture's Best Home Theater Seating Models

Clausen 370 Home Theater Sectional by Lane Furniture
When it comes to purchasing home theater furniture, we often recommend that first-time buyers stick with a well-known manufacturer such as Lane Furniture. Lane has been a major player in the industry for nearly a hundred years, which is a testament to the quality and reliability of their products. This fact alone is typically enough to convince customers that they would be spending their money wisely by choosing theater seating from this brand.

As the largest authorized online dealer of Lane home theater furniture, TheaterSeatStore.com offers many different styles and models for you to choose from. Among some of the bestsellers from Lane include:
  • Lane 103 Matinee Power Recline. This power recliner is finished in beautiful bonded leather and built with a 44" tall seatback for excellent head, neck, and back support. It comes with all the theater seating features you could possibly want, including removable swivel tray tables, in-arm storage, chaise footrest, and wallhugger design.
  • Lane 315 Cinema Power Recline. The 315 Cinema model is stylish chair that has pillow top cushions for exceptional comfort. It also boasts LED ambient base lighting and lighted cupholders hidden away under the sliding armrests.
  • Lane Clausen 370 Sectional. If you have a spacious media room that can accommodate lots of home theater furniture, then check out the Clausen 370 Sectional collection. This collection consists of such pieces as an armless chair, storage console, recliner, wedge, and chaise, all of which can be purchased as a group or individually. Each piece is finished in soft leather for comfort and style.
  • Lane Canterbury320 Sectional. The Canterbury 320 gives new meaning to the term "lap of luxury"! Pillow top padding and double plush cushioning are combined with extra lumbar support to produce some of the most comfortable theater seating money can buy. You'll also love the Zero Gravity reclining mechanism that allows you to recline in an almost fully horizontal position.
If these products don't quite mesh with your tastes or budget, we invite you to view the rest of our Lane home theater furniture lineup at TheaterSeatStore.com. We have many more styles to choose from, so we're sure you'll be able to find theater seating that's perfect for your media room.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How To Transform Your Family Room Into A Home Theater

Friends and Family Enjoying Home Theater Movie Night
Transforming your family room into a home theater doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Besides buying theater seats, most of the tweaks you need to make are actually just minor improvements that go a long way towards enhancing the ambiance, visual appeal, and acoustical quality of the room. Here are some tips on how to convert your family room—or any room—into a great place to watch movies:
  • Arrange your home theater furniture properly. When you want the best view of the screen at your local cinema, you sit in the middle of the row. The same principle applies at home. A head-on view will always be better than one from an angle, so try to arrange your theater seats accordingly.
  • Dim the lighting. To enjoy the crystal-clear quality of your HD TV and Blu-Ray player, dim or turn off the lights while the movie is playing. Keep your home theater furniture away from windows if possible, and add heavy curtains or shades to block out light during daytime screenings.
  • LinkWall-mount your speakers. Carpeting may absorb sound from your external speakers, thereby reducing the audio quality before it travels back to your theater seats. Instead, try wall-mounting your speakers or putting them on a shelf so they sit a couple of feet above head level.
  • Cover all wiring. Why go to the trouble of buying nice home theater furniture and mounting your speakers on the wall if you're just going to leave all the wires and cables from your electronic equipment exposed in an unsightly mess? To improve the area's visual appeal, spend a few bucks on a wire channel and get those cables organized.
  • Add floor lights. Some theater seats come with LED lights along the bottom to help you see in the dimmed room. If your chairs don't have this feature, you can add floor lights to achieve a similar effect. Just buy a string of rope lights from a home center and use the included clips to secure them to the baseboards or walkways of the room.
Putting home theater furniture in your family room does not mean you now have a state-of-the-art media room. You still need to make a few more adjustments to get the ambience, visual appeal, and acoustics just right. The above tips can help get you started, so give them a try!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Six Home Theatre Seating Tips

Headliner Leather Home Theater Seats from TheaterSeatStore.com
If you want to improve your movie and television viewing experience, then buying theatre seats for your living room or media room is the way to go. Having a comfortable place to sit for the latest blockbuster, big game, or most recent episode of American Idol can make all the difference between enjoying a couple hours of fun entertainment and spending the whole time with an aching back thanks to subpar furniture that lacks proper support.

As you shop for affordable home theatre seating, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. Should you go with a recliner or a chaise lounge? Do you have enough space for an entire sectional or should you just stick to a couple of matching theatre seats? Before getting out your credit card, take a moment to review the following six home theatre seating tips.
  1. Make enough space. In general, the more space you have in your living room or media room, the better. Theatre seats are fairly large, so try to use the biggest room at your disposal. You might even want to shift other furniture around to reclaim more space in the main viewing area.
  2. Consider the number of viewers. Do you like to watch movies and sporting events with a group of friends or do you prefer to go the solo route? The answer to this question will determine how much home theatre seating you need to buy.
  3. Shop with your existing décor in mind. Ideally, your new furniture should nicely complement your existing décor. The last thing you want to do is buy theatre seats that clash with your carpeting or wall art.
  4. Look for a balance of comfort and support. Having the right balance of comfort and support in your chair, sectional, or love seat is crucial to the long-term enjoyment of your furniture. Sometimes a "comfortable" chair fails to provide enough support, and vice versa. Reading user reviews can help you find products that offer the perfect balance.
  5. Purchase the best quality you can afford. Home theatre seating will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so it would be a good idea to buy furniture that is made of durable, stain-resistant materials for lasting performance.
  6. Create a budget and stick to it. Prices for theatre seats vary greatly. They can start at a few hundred dollars for basic models and go all the way up to several thousand dollars for top-of-the-line units. To help ensure that you spend only what you can afford, create a budget and stick to it.
Buying home theatre seating is a terrific way to make watching movies at home a lot more fun and exciting. By following the six tips listed above, you'll have a smooth shopping experience and can begin enjoying your new furniture soon.