Monday, June 28, 2010

The Biggest Selling Theater Seat in 2010

In the home theater furniture world, there have been a number of new introductions in 2010. One of the blockbuster arrivals to theater seating this year is the Magnolia home theater seat. It incorporates some of the best features from other top sellers and includes them all in one great design.

The primary feature additions to this seat are the higher seat back and the hidden storage in the arm rests. The storage compartments exist in all arms and provide the perfect location for one's remote controls and tv guides. The design of these storage compartments addresses serious flaws in other models designs like the lack of sufficient support on the hinge that opens holds the storage lid. In the Magnolia this is double-hinged and provides years of safe use without any warping or movement to the hinge mechanism that might not result in the lid closing properly.

Another important features that was addressed is the higher seat back to 44 inches that seems to have always been a missing ingredient to some predecessors. This gives the right amount of upper back and neck support to anyone who needs it.

The seat is available in black and brown on quick ship and in hundreds of different colors through custom order in either leather, leather match, bonded leather or fabrics.

Prices for black and brown are $649 in manual and $749 in power recline.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Headliner Takes the Show

In the realm of home theater seating, there are some great icons. Some have ruled for many years without challenge, others have climbed the ladder and represent great contenders for the crown. There are only a few...........and here is one of the contenders: Headliner Theater Seat

This giant home theater seat is relatively new to the home theater world but has made a big splash. Released in March 2010, this seat is available exclusively at Best Buy stores in their Magnolia home theater rooms and at Theater Seat Store.

Here are some of the characteristics that give this seat royal blood:

- Made in the USA
- Made by Berkline using their best of breed practices
- Made with proprietary Berkline mechanism which is superior to any other in design and mechanics in the home theater arena.
- Available in premium black or brown leather on quick ship.
- Offered with Berkline's top warranty - lifetime of frame, mechanism
- High seat back height so it fits all sizes

These pictures should say the rest......there's also a video on the product page for this seat on the site that covers some additional benefits to this model worth noting.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Berkline 45002 Apollo Large Home Theater Seat

This is my favorite Berkline home theater seat! I have widely been proclaiming its excellence now for about a year and the genesis of that opinion comes from the video that is attached here. Let me explain. This video is the Berkline 45002 taken at the International Furniture Market in North Carolina and this was the first time I got to see this seat in black leather.

The stock photos of this seat supplied by Berkline are in a blue leather and a brown 'leather looking' microfiber. Neither of these colors do this seat any justice and sitting in the seat is what really makes all the difference.

The seat uses a bucket-style seating concept found in sports cars where the center portion of the seat and seat back are recessed within a memory foam padded outer rim. On this model you can see that the memory foam rim is thick and this is what makes it so comfortable. The other factor with the 45002 is that it is a very large seat, in fact, I believe the largest dimensionally that Berkline make, or very close to it. For tall people this is the seat you want to own. It is so comfortable and supportive that you would buy it if you had a chance to sit in it when compared to some of the other major models in the Berkline line.

It compares best to the Berkline 45099 if you are looking for something of similar size and comfort. I will post a short video review of that model in my next post.

Hopefully this video paints the picture......

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another New Introduction from Palliser Furniture

Palliser's design team seem very busy working on new models. We highlighted the Slade that will be released any day now and there's another new design, with a purpose, on the horizon.

This seat does not have a name yet - to my knowledge - but does include a huge missing feature that has long been requested from the Palliser home theater group. The hidden storage compartment is finally here. It has deep storage in a seat that includes a tufted seat back that is generous in height, around 43' to 44' inches would be my guess.
Enjoy a few sneak previews of this seat taken at the Spring Market.

Palliser Introduces the Slade

Palliser has introduced a new model aimed at capitalizing on the success of the Berkline Tangiers theater seat. The Tangiers or Berkline 13175, as it is better known, is a space saver which is made by Berkline in their offshore factory. The excellent lower lumbar support and economical design catapulted this seat into home theater stardom.

The Slade follows the same concept in that the sacrifice to size comes not in the interior seat width, but in the size of the arm rests which are reduced by a few inches from the norm. When you add this up over 3 or 4 arm rests making up a seating row, it has an impact.

The Slade includes an option with contrast stitching and comes fully customizable in many different material types. Select power or manual recline options and enjoy stainless steel cup holders to match darker colors like black and gray, or antique bronze for some of the lighter options. These pictures tell the story pretty well and the pricing is expected to be similar to the Palliser Pacifico.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Palliser Rhumba - Ultimate Comfort

The Palliser Rhumba is one of the most comfortable theater seats on the market at the moment. There are few chairs that make the grade like this one with soft memory foam padding along the outer rims of the seat creating a bucket style seating arrangement.

The seat is made in Canada by Palliser Furniture and comes with an industry leading warranty - lifetime on the frame and reclining mechanism and 5 years on the leather. With this kind of warranty - which is industry leading across all brands including the big ones like Lane and Ashley Furniture - you cannot go wrong. Let these pictures do the talking.....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why Choose a 45012 box office Recliner Home Theater Seat

If you have been saving for a while to build out the perfect home theater room, one of the essential ingredients will be the home theater seating. With so many choices, how do you make the right decision on the perfect chair? Look no further than a Berkline 45012 box office theater seat.

The Box Office Berkline 45012 is one of the newer and larger models now available from the most famous name in home theater furniture. Seats can be fully customized in straight or curved rows, as well as loveseats. There are a multitude of colors and materials to choose from. There are six different, luxurious upholstery fabrics. There are also a number of leather grades and types, including faux (manufactured) leather, bonded leather as well as soft microfibers and fabrics.

These theater seats offer an extremely wide interior seat width. The extensive padding throughout the seats, armrests and headrests are designed to ensure maximum comfort. These recliners are completely custom built to you get exactly what you are looking for.