Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Roundup: 10 Links and More to Help You Build Your Home Theater

Whether you are looking to build your first home theater or makeover an existing space, it’s tough to figure out where to start. Much like an artist staring at a blank canvas, you need some inspiration to help you make the leap from empty basement or den to fully functional home theater. We have collected some links from this blog and our website to help you get going on a home theater of your very own:
  1. Building Your Very Own Home Theater – Where to Start?
  2. DIY Home theater Video from Lane Furniture
  3. Ancient Tips to design Your Home Theater – Feng Shui Ideas
  4. “Theater-in-a-Box” Packages
  5. How To Install a Home Theater System
  6. DIY Home Theater Design
  7. How To Measure for Home Theater Seating
  8. Designing Your Perfect Home Theater
  9. Setting Up Home Theater Acoustics
  10. Entertainment on Any Budget – Economical Home Entertainment
Red and Gold Home Theater Room
Image from shutterstock.com
These articles are a great starting point, but when you are in the thick of building your home theater, it helps to have a community of like-minded enthusiasts to answer questions, offer encouragement and share their own projects. To help you on that front, here are three of the top forums used by the home theater community:
  1. AVS Forum
  2. Home Theater Forum
  3. Audioholics Forum
With these links (and the rest of the Internet) at your fingertips, you have no excuse not to get out there and start building the home theater room that you have been dreaming of. Of course, when the time comes, you’ll want to invest in the perfect seating to cap off your home theater space.

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