Friday, August 2, 2013

3 Reasons that the Google Chromecast Might be the Next Big Thing for TV

Google Chromecast Dongle
Image from Google.com
Much to-do has been made over Google’s big new innovation to hit the home theater market. Well, not physically big as it is the size of a thumb drive!) Some people say that it isn’t ready for prime time yet while others trumpet its innovations and ease of use. This little gadget is the Google Chromecast, and it packs a big punch into a little package.

After looking at what others have said about the Chromecast, it is our opinion that this little dongle is a great buy. Here are 3 major reasons that influenced our decisions:

3. Features vs. Price – As of this writing, the Chromecast only streams three content sources: Netflix, You Tube and Google Chrome. Bigger set-top boxes like the Apple TV and Roku have hundreds of channels. The thing that caught our attention was the channels that Chromecast offers now. Netflix is the largest streaming television service out there, and having access to the huge content library of YouTube as well as your own stash of videos pretty much covers almost everything else. Plus, with a $35 dollar price tag, Chromecast gives you plenty of bang for the buck.

2. Ease of Use – Instead of coming with a remote, the Google Chromecast links to an app through your smartphone, tablet or computer. This allows you to control the TV with your mobile device. Reviews that we researched online give this feature a glowing review. Plus it works with Android and iOS operating systems as well as Windows 8.1 and the latest MAC OS. One reviewer even switched between his Android and iPhone without any problems.

1. Open Source Development – Instead of relying on a proprietary system or expensive development kit, the Chromecast is an open source device with all of its code, specs and secrets on the web for all to see. This opens the door to any developer who wants to create an app for the Chromecast. It may not have many channels now, but rest assured that the Chromecast will quickly build its channels and features to catch up to its bigger set-top box brothers.

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