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Ancient Tips to Design Your Home Theater – Basic Feng Shui Ideas

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The Feng Shui masters of 5000 years ago could not have possibly imagined the idea of a modern home theater with wide screen TV, surround sound and motorized leather recliners, yet many basic Feng Shui principles can help enhance the comfort of your home theater space. Many of these principles appear to be common sense ideas about furniture placement, but others are much more esoteric. Following some of these ideas may be the difference between occasional use and frequent movie nights with friends and family. Most of these tips come from an article in AVSforum.com:
Basic Tips:
  • Entry and Exit ways should be unblocked and well lit. They should also be in the front of the room so that none of the home theater seats face with their backs toward the door. Many people don't like to site where they cannot monitor the door to see who stays and who goes.
  • Isolate the home theater from other rooms and appliances. This keeps the focus of your home theater on itself rather than outside objects. Likewise no objects like home theater seats or décor should be so prominent that it pulls attention away from the screen.
  • Stay away from bright colors or shiny surfaces. These can also distract the audience from the movie, even in a dark room.
Some of the more "out there" ideas include:
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  • Energy enters the room from outside, so make sure that your door opens inward. Also be sure to keep things from blocking the door (and any energy).
  • Live plants keep the room's energy fresh as well as the air.
  • Add curves to your room, especially if the space is square or rectangular. Curved shapes can include round side tables, curved patterns in wallpaper or rugs and even rounded theater seats can all help.
If you really want to take full advantage of the benefits of good Feng Shui design, you can always consult a Feng Shui expert for advice. Just make sure to check their online reviews and whether they are properly trained before contacting them. You can try to decipher the formulas yourself like this article.

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