Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unethical Furniture - Is this too much?

Furniture is made primarily from wood, leather, fabrics and now polyurethane by-products.  The role of synthetic products in furniture has never been more important as the price of producing them decreases and the quality and look compared to the real thing improves.  But there are still some exotic materials that are being used that are getting attention.  They include:
  • kangaroo hide
  • cat and dog skins (in China)
  • animal blood and bone (used for glues)
  • ivory (no surprise)
  • antlers
  • human bones
Other popular hides are alligator and crocodile which are produced commercially now for many years - subject to seasonal hunting guidelines.  This article on Unethical Furniture goes into more detail on the use of 'unconventional' and sometimes 'unethical' products in furniture and other products and is well worth a read.

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