Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Find The Best Home Theater Seating To Fit Your Home

Home theater Blueprints for Proper Seat Size
The hardest part about buying home theater furniture is figuring out if the chair, sofa, or love seat you have your eye on will fit in the prospective viewing room. Unless you have a huge expanse of floor space to work with, taking accurate measurements is crucial so you don't end up purchasing theater seats that are far too big for the room.

To help you determine which home theater furniture from our online store would fit into your media room, TheaterSeatStore.com provides customers with several handy resources that can be used prior to placing an order. Let's take a closer look at what these tools are and how they are designed to help.

"How to Measure" guide
This guide can be found at http://www.theaterseatstore.com/How-to-Measure, and features a detailed explanation of how to measure and maximize the space needed for theater seats. Among the topics covered include the audience size, distance from the screen, number of chairs per row, number of rows, and the ideal amount of space to leave between rows. The guide features drawings and diagrams that show you exactly how to take each of these critical measurements so you can be sure you're doing it right.

Dimensions & Configurations chart
There is a Dimensions & Configurations tab located on each individual product page for our entire lineup of home theater furniture. Clicking on this tab will open a PDF that gives you precise dimensions for that particular product. You can also see examples of various configurations (e.g. two-seat straight configuration, four-seat curved, etc.) along with the amount of space required to accommodate each one. By reviewing this chart, you'll be able to see if the theater seats you want will fit into your room.

Online room planner
The online room planner is also available for all of our home theater furniture products. This convenient tool allows you to drag and drop different numbers and configurations of your desired product around a virtual living room to give you an idea of how the finished space will look. You can even customize the virtual living room to approximate your own, giving you a more realistic visual representation of what to expect.
Clearly, it requires a bit of extra work to take all the measurements and test out all the possible configurations for your new theater seats. But if you do things properly, you'll be rewarded with a media room that looks fantastic and allows you to watch movies in ultimate comfort and style. In our opinion, that makes the effort worth it!

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