Friday, June 11, 2010

Palliser Introduces the Slade

Palliser has introduced a new model aimed at capitalizing on the success of the Berkline Tangiers theater seat. The Tangiers or Berkline 13175, as it is better known, is a space saver which is made by Berkline in their offshore factory. The excellent lower lumbar support and economical design catapulted this seat into home theater stardom.

The Slade follows the same concept in that the sacrifice to size comes not in the interior seat width, but in the size of the arm rests which are reduced by a few inches from the norm. When you add this up over 3 or 4 arm rests making up a seating row, it has an impact.

The Slade includes an option with contrast stitching and comes fully customizable in many different material types. Select power or manual recline options and enjoy stainless steel cup holders to match darker colors like black and gray, or antique bronze for some of the lighter options. These pictures tell the story pretty well and the pricing is expected to be similar to the Palliser Pacifico.

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JS Grame-Smith said...

Wow this is the new feature of palliser. Love it.
-palliser pacifico