Saturday, June 19, 2010

Headliner Takes the Show

In the realm of home theater seating, there are some great icons. Some have ruled for many years without challenge, others have climbed the ladder and represent great contenders for the crown. There are only a few...........and here is one of the contenders: Headliner Theater Seat

This giant home theater seat is relatively new to the home theater world but has made a big splash. Released in March 2010, this seat is available exclusively at Best Buy stores in their Magnolia home theater rooms and at Theater Seat Store.

Here are some of the characteristics that give this seat royal blood:

- Made in the USA
- Made by Berkline using their best of breed practices
- Made with proprietary Berkline mechanism which is superior to any other in design and mechanics in the home theater arena.
- Available in premium black or brown leather on quick ship.
- Offered with Berkline's top warranty - lifetime of frame, mechanism
- High seat back height so it fits all sizes

These pictures should say the rest......there's also a video on the product page for this seat on the site that covers some additional benefits to this model worth noting.

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