Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Berkline 45002 Apollo Large Home Theater Seat

This is my favorite Berkline home theater seat! I have widely been proclaiming its excellence now for about a year and the genesis of that opinion comes from the video that is attached here. Let me explain. This video is the Berkline 45002 taken at the International Furniture Market in North Carolina and this was the first time I got to see this seat in black leather.

The stock photos of this seat supplied by Berkline are in a blue leather and a brown 'leather looking' microfiber. Neither of these colors do this seat any justice and sitting in the seat is what really makes all the difference.

The seat uses a bucket-style seating concept found in sports cars where the center portion of the seat and seat back are recessed within a memory foam padded outer rim. On this model you can see that the memory foam rim is thick and this is what makes it so comfortable. The other factor with the 45002 is that it is a very large seat, in fact, I believe the largest dimensionally that Berkline make, or very close to it. For tall people this is the seat you want to own. It is so comfortable and supportive that you would buy it if you had a chance to sit in it when compared to some of the other major models in the Berkline line.

It compares best to the Berkline 45099 if you are looking for something of similar size and comfort. I will post a short video review of that model in my next post.

Hopefully this video paints the picture......

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