Friday, February 22, 2013

Home Away from Home Theater: Luxury Hotels with Screening Rooms

The Scotsman Hotel Scrrening room in Edinburgh, Scotland

For many of us, life on the road away from our home theaters means that we have to put up with tiny laptop screens, tube TV’s that are chained to the walls or (gasp!) the book version of our favorite flick! Fortunately, if you can add a little more to your hotel budget (OK, a lot more!), then you can stay at one of these fancy resorts with their very own screening rooms. The Wall Street Journal and HotelChatter.com have already written about their favorites, so here are three more from posh destination spots from around the world:

The Crosby Street Hotel – This hotel is located in the heart of New York City’s Soho District.  Along with the 5 star accommodations and service, guests can take in a movie in their 100-seat screening room. Bright orange leather chairs contrast nicely against dark purple walls, and the 30 foot screen boasts high-end AV components and 3D capability. The theater’s technical specs are truly impressive! The room is available for private screenings, or open to the public for their “Sunday Night Film Club”.

Hotel Rival – Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the Hotel Rival features everything from a gourmet bistro to posh lounges. The Rival Theater is more of an auditorium than an intimate screening room, but it packs the hardware to rival any movie palace. The theater was designed and refurbished by ABBA’s Benny Andersson, who owns the hotel. Though used for large events and conferences, the theater is often host to theater and film events.

The Scotsman – This luxury resort is located in Edinburgh, Scotland inside the former home of The Scotsman newspaper. Their screening room is called The Scotsman Cinema and it boasts a capacity of 46 patrons in plush leather armchairs. The system is state of the art and they have regular screenings of classic and contemporary movies. Guests are treated to complimentary ice cream, popcorn and even mince pies during the holiday season.

If you don’t have the kind of cash that it takes to stay at one of these luxury hotels, don’t despair. Many of them offer screenings to the general public, so you can still enjoy the 5-star cinema treatment without the 5-star hotel bill.

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