Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrity Homes with Jaw Dropping Home Theaters for Sale

Image from sports.yahoo.com
Many people love to troll their favorite gossip sites for the latest celebrity news, including the latest in real estate buying and selling. As home theater enthusiasts, we could care less about Italian marble in the living room or Neo-classic architecture; we want to see where the rich and famous enjoy their movies! Lately, a few places have gone on the market with pricey home theaters as a selling point. Here is a look at a couple of them, (some even with pictures)!

 Barry Bonds’ 25 Million dollar Home – The famous MLB slugger has put his Beverly Hills mansion up for sale. The Beverly Hills mansion is 17,100 square feet and sits on 1.8 acres of property. More importantly, the light and airy open theater space looks as if it is inspired by Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas. Where are the slot machines and buffet?

Piney Point Mansion for 9.5 Million – At 23,500 square feet, this mansion in the pricey suburb of Houston, TX has it all. It has everything from granite and marble floors, suspended staircases, malachite inlays and even gold plated fixtures. The best part of this house has got to be the home theater. With blue velvet walls, real wood trim and a large sectional, this home theater space looks like something out of a fairy tale. While the sellers may not be national celebrities (Recently divorced Melanie and Doug Johnson of Channel 51 Fame), one of the potential buyers is. Rumor has it that Beyonce is interested in buying the house for her mother.

Image from CEPro
Ryan Seacrest from American Idol - Industry home theater audiophiles were lit up when these images of the famous presenter and radio DJ hit the internet last year.  They surfaced when he put this home up for sale for as part of an upgrade to Ellen DeGeneres's $49 million palace.  Don't worry, Forbes claim he earned $51M last year so he will survive.  His old home (sold for $11M and purchased for the same price in 2006 from Kevin Costner) showcases one of the very cleanest theater designs that have been seen in years.  Totally original and somewhat contemporary, this look struck a cord in the industry and will no doubt be emulated for years to come. Check out the images of the back room behind the home theater which is adorned with in-wall speakers and sub-woofers.

 Madonna’s Magnificent Mansion – The Material Girl herself has put her huge Beverly Hills mansion up for sale at a cool 22.5 million dollars. This 17,000 foot spread has nine bedrooms, two guest houses and a full-sized screening room. Unfortunately no pictures of the screening room exist, but with Madonna’s millions of dollars (and expensive tastes), it has to be more than this improvised home theater.

Christina Aguilera shows her style - in the recent listing for sale of the Beverly Hills Mediterranean  home well recognized from the Osbourne reality show.  The home was bought by the pop star for $11.5M in 2008 from Sharon and Ozzy and is now on the market for sale at $13.5M following the announcement of her divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman.  The home theater and entertainment room enjoys a look that is distinctly Christina.

Michael Jordan's Huge Florida home - This brand new mega-property represents a big move for the famous basketball player.  A Chicago (Highland Park) native for decades, the icon has now decided to move to Jupiter FL and into an exclusive community called the Bear Club - developed by Jack Nicklaus.  This neighborhood is home to many billionaires and his home sits on three acres and includes a tony home theater room that is massive and is specially designed to handle large amounts of cigar smoke.

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