Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Warm Up Sale

Spring Warm Up Sale
TheaterSeatStore is running a promotion that will end on 05/06/2012 called the 'Warm Up Sale'.  This promo will offer a free upgrade to lighted cup holders on the following top selling models (usually a $50 upgrade per seat):

  • Palliser Blade
  • Palliser Pacifico
  • Palliser Atomic
  • The Magnolia
  • Lane 103
  • Lane 174
  • Lane 123 & 124
Lighted cup holders are a great addition to a row of seats and add atmosphere and ambiance to your home theater room.  The controls can be individually turned on/off at each seat and do not any longer link together (daisy chain connection) which is a vast improvement in our opinion compared to past models of theater seating.

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