Friday, April 20, 2012

Cool Man Cave Stuff

Though it took men millions of years to get out of the caves and into modern housing, that primal male urge for a cave of his own has never left. According to a survey done by Servicemagic.com, 40 percent of homes contain a man cave; while another 13 percent report that they are building or at the very least planning one.

One of the most popular forms of man cave is the home theater, but they don’t all have to look the same. Making your man cave stand out from the pack is easier than you’d think.

State Your Theme

Whether you’re a fisherman, baseball buff or a tool time guy, shelves shaped like oars, bats or tools add a touch of humor to your manly retreat without adding the cost of a bar made from the front end of a Chevy or a functional rock-climbing wall behind the flat-screen TV.

Serve In Style

Refrigerators don’t have to be square white boxes any more than man caves have got to have stone walls. Small refrigerators come in many colors, sizes and shapes from the hot red enamel and chrome of sports car finishes to fridges made to look like jukeboxes or classic speakers. A working hot dog cart or old-school popcorn machine adds atmosphere and offers hot snacks, for a total win.

Tone it Down

As tempting as it is to go full-on Vegas with strobe lights and a stripper pole, you may eventually want to invite people other than men into your cave. Comfortable seating, good lighting and family-friendly d├ęcor may not be as exciting as leopard skin walls and pin-up girl posters, but they are definitely more versatile.

And if you’ve got to indulge your wild side, there’s always room for a small, discreet disco ball.

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