Friday, January 21, 2011

Palliser Introduces Ambient Base Lighting

Ambient base rail lighting has been around in the home theater world for a while now.  It gives a theater room a very authentic theater type look when that low level lighting is on.  Berkline have had this feature for about 2 years and now Palliser have decided to introduce a broad offering of ambient base seating options.  They previously only had this feature on the Mellow.  Some of these new models include:

  • Zeal
  • Strategy
  • Fortune
  • Spectacle
  • Celebration
  • Circuit
  • Sensation
  • Firenze
Palliser's approach has been to introduce these versions with ambient base lights and a version without - but give them different names.  One nice feature that is also included here is the smaller scale seating as offered by the Firenze.....this continues to be a popular feature in home theater today.

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JS Grame-Smith said...

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