Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Palliser Blade Videos Introduced

Palliser Blade in Black Leather
The Palliser Blade is an exclusive offering by Palliser Furniture to TheaterSeatStore and was introduced in September of 2010.  This seat is a space saver that has a high seat back.  Since the very first day of its introduction, this seat has been a success because it finally offers a viable alternative to Berkline' Tangiers.

The market benefits from having choices.  That is a known fact.  The Blade is Palliser's space saving introduction to the home theater world.  It brings a best of breed feature set into a design that is clean and driven by function.  Although we have reviewed the seat earlier in this blog, the real benefit comes by now being able to watch our professionally produced video of the Blade and seeing the seat in action.  A picture may speak a thousand words but a video will say it all.

Watch this video here: Palliser Blade 

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Berkline are one of the famous manufacturing businesses that actually produce a range of space-saving home theater chairs.