Saturday, November 6, 2010

Palliser Circuit Theater Seat Rivals the Rhumba

Palliser Circuit Theater Chair
Palliser had a number of exciting introductions in the fall furniture market that are worth covering.  The Pacifico theater sofa was one, another was the new Axis theater seat with a side tray table(write up coming soon).  The most comfortable new introduction was the seat we want to discuss now - the Palliser Circuit.

The Circuit has a unique design when you first see it.  Somewhat of a blend between the Magnolia and the Rhumba.  The arm rests look like the Magnolia and the seat back and seat cushion have a similar design to the Rhumba.  There is storage in the arm rests and the seat back has excellent lower lumbar support and deep seated padding on the upper back panel that will support the neck and upper back.  The seat cushion is a contour style (bucket style) which further improves the comfort of this already very comfortable theater chair.  Cup holders are available with lighting and the power version of the seat has the up/down control on the rim of the cup holders.

This theater seat, like it's cousin the Rhumba, is the kind of seat that is best experienced in person.  The seat is so comfortable that we know that anyone who sits in it will want it - its just that simple.  This will follow the foot steps of the Rhumba, and if the price is right, even beat the Rhumba due to extra features like storage and lighted cup holders.

Like all Palliser furniture, this includes their industry leading warranty so you never have to worry about repair issues.  The Circuit will be fully customizable in over 250 colors across leather, microfiber and fabric material options.

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