Monday, November 1, 2010

The Pacifico Theater Seat in Phoenix Leather

There has been a lot written about the Pacifico theater seat over the past few years.  It has become an industry standard and probably the most worthy competitor to some of Berkline's premium theater seats like the 45090 and the Reno.  In most respects, the quality and value for money surpass all models that I am aware of.

Anyway, the purpose was not to sing the praise of this well know theater chair but to show it in two interesting formats - faux leather and the new 3 seat sofa option.  The picture of the row of 3 seats is in a red faux leather called Phoenix and it is beautiful.  It has a rich leather feel to it and is one of the best synthetics that I have come across in this space for years.

The grey 3 seat sofa picture is the new option for the Pacifico.  The grey material is also the Phoenix faux leather.  The sofa is unique because it will allow all three seats to recline individually.

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