Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Palliser Blade - Another Theater Seat Exclusive

TheaterSeatStore is proud to announce the official release of the Palliser Blade, a space saving luxury theater recliner made exclusively by Palliser.  "Our years of experience in knowing what customers are looking for identified a gap in the Palliser line of home theater seating", said Peter Goldstein, VP of Sales.  "Customers were very loyal to the quality and luxury offered by Palliser, but did not have the options when it came to decorating a theater room with space constraints.  Through careful planning and collaboration, we developed a solution that would fill all those gaps and provide a truly superior space saving design".

The Palliser Blade is built on a slightly smaller foot print than most traditional theater recliners which tend to be very wide.  This leather theater seat also includes a higher than normal seat back which further enhances the experience.  Similar offerings from other brands always lack seat back height. At 44 inches that is no longer a problem. 

The Blade theater seat is available in stock for immediate delivery in black and brown leather.  Additional options include power or manual recliner mechanisms.  The power recline allows the user to recline the seat to any angle in the range of motion.  Black leather versions of the seat include stainless steel cup holders where brown leather versions include a brushed bronze cup holder.  The leather featured on the in stock models of this seat is a premium top grain leather on all seating surfaces and portions that one's body touches, with a complimentary perfect synthetic match on the back of the seat and lower exterior sides.

Unlike many of the other popular models in the market from other brands, this seat is not made in China.  The seat is manufactured here in North America at prices that match the foreign competitors.

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