Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moroni Offers A Home Theater Seat

Moroni is a leading contemporary furniture manufacturer that produces a higher quality seat at an exceptional price point. Premium Italian leathers and beautiful designs define this line of sofas and sectional seating.

Now Moroni has a home theater seat that was shown at the summer Vegas Furniture Market and the seat is one of the best looking contemporary designs we have seen to-date. Very rich top grain full aniline Italian leather over an American hardwood frame, give the touch of pure elegance and comfort you would expect from this premium brand.

The other interesting feature with Moroni is the fact that the power button on the seat is located under the leather, hidden from plain site - an interesting method of doing this. Attention to detail is a trademark of Moroni and it is evident in this product from top to bottom. The head rest is adjustable and the recline mechanism is extremely smooth. At 6 ft tall, this seat was very supportive of my upper back and head...often a shortcoming in the more contemporary furniture designs. The stainless steel mounted cup holders were a nice touch to an almost perfect product.

Of course with leathers and a frame of this quality comes a price tag to match.....but nowhere near the levels of some of the equivalent domestic brands like Fortress. Although the final price has not been set in stone yet, all indications are a retail price in the region of $2,000 per seat.

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Balloon Animals Utah said...

I sat in these chairs and they are quite comfortable. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for home theatre seating. Tons of functionality. moroni furniture has done it again!