Monday, February 10, 2014

Southern Motion Makes A Splash

Southern Motion Furniture is a relatively new company in the realm of furniture - only having started 17 years ago - a mere baby - where many established US based furniture companies are multiples, if not centuries older than that.  Their age has not stopped them from becoming a force to be reckoned with and it always amazes our team how concerned other brands seem to be at the mere mention of the ‘Southern Motion’ name.  

That type of reaction only happens when a company is doing something better than anyone else.  And those fears are justified.

Having focused only on motion furniture, they have become masters at their trade.  Now they are including home theater seating in their line and we are excited to present their full range of theater seats.  Here are is a run down of the models by popularity from our customers after having had them live for just a few weeks:

Viva Model 2577

The Viva is so unique in its styling that you are guaranteed not to ever see this made by any another brand.  The arm rests are backward sloping and arc in a very contemporary design that looks like the chair you would expect to see the Captain of the Starship Enterprise sitting in.  

The seat back is layered with dense padding that runs down the full length of the chair to the very end of the chaise styled foot rest.  The comfort factor is a 9 out of 10 and the Viva can be ordered in many colors in fabric, leather and bonded leather.  We have seen this seat in black and it looks breathtaking.

One criticism leveled at the Viva is the lack of padding on the arm rest.  While I did sit in this seat, it was not for an extended period of time, but I still found the arm rests to be very soft and comfortable with no noticeable discomfort at all.

It remains our customers’s first choice and draws lots of attention and admiration.  This is not a choice that you will find yourself regretting.

Nova Model 817

This chair again strikes a new look with a more square styled seat back that sits on a large sized frame.  The actual seat back padding is very thick and luxurious.  Calling the seat back over-padded would be an understatement - you will literally sink into it when you recline and most likely spend the next 15 minutes thinking why you should never need to get out of it again.  

It’s just that noticeably comfortable.

While my personal preference for a theater seat is one with some sort of defined headrest, this seat does not have that.  The headrest tends to work better for me when fully reclined and watching movies.  

A nice extra on the Nova is the storage pouch in the front arm rest.  This is where you place your remote so that it doesn't run away again and hide.  The Nova also has a chaise styled foot rest and can be custom ordered in leather, fabric and bonded leather.  The Nova seating can be combined with storage consoles which are upholstered in the exact same cover as the seats and then placed in between each seat.  These consoles have storage and offer extra space for placing books or guides.

Infinity Model 2222

The Infinity is characterized by a heavy bolstered head rest.  The arm rests on this frame are straight where the other two models have some form or shape in the design.  The padding in the arm rests are thick and elevated with a front recess for a cup holder.  

The Infinity fits more of the popular traditional styling known in the industry today and would be a good overall choice for someone that wants more pronounced head and upper neck support.  

Like the other two frames above, this model also includes a chaise style foot rest and can be custom ordered in many colors and covers including leather, bonded leather and fabric.

Starfire Model 810

This Southern Motion theater seat utilizes the same frame as the Nova but with a different cushion style.  The cushion on this seat back contains a separate cut for a defined head rest.  Arm rests also contain more padding.

The Starfire also has the chaise foot rest and is available in the same upholstery options as the other seats under Southern Motion’s custom order program.

Tango Model 2141

This would be defined as a very easy seat to accomodate in any home due to its transitional styling and slightly smaller foot print.  The seat back cushion on the Tango is split into two horizontal panels that are over padded for comfort.  The arm rests are straight and flat with padding and end in the front at a recessed cup holder.

The Tango also contains the chaise style foot rest and can also be ordered in many colors and covers.  Like all the seats above, this model will be made here in the USA and will ship direct from the factory floor to your home.

Every model shown above also includes optional power recline - a very worthy upgrade.  The power upgrade includes a button that is sewn into the inside arm rest that will power the seat back up or down.  The button on all these models will also include two USB charging ports - for a limited time - as a free upgrade.

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