Thursday, November 7, 2013

Introducing Octane Seating for a High Performance Home Theater Experience

Theater Seat Store has always been the go-to place for luxury home theater seating, but now they shift into overdrive as they unveil their signature line of home theater recliners. Octane Seating takes all of the style and power of your favorite muscle car and puts it in a home theater package that is as comfortable as it is stylish. The Octane line has two models for now, with more to come. Both of these recliners feature automotive inspired seating and power recline with extra features such as hidden storage, tray tables, tall seat backs and sleek yet durable leather based upholstery.

Octane Turbo XL-700 home theater seats
Image from www.theaterseatstore.com

Turbo XL-700 – This Home theater seat has all the bells and whistles of a European Supercar without the crazy high price tag. A 44 inch seat back features segmented padding and an angled head rest for the pinnacle of comfort. Press a button, and the optional power recline pulls you back into a state of comfy bliss. Built-in lumbar support, high density furniture foam and buttery soft bonded leather supports you from head to toe in the lap of luxury. Hidden storage spaces in the arms conceal removable tray tables and tablet holders to hold your favorite snacks and tablet. Browse the Internet to monitor your fantasy football team while you watch the big game! With superior quality craftsmanship, the Turbo XL-700 is designed to keep you comfy for many years, and like a classic car retain its good looks.
Octane Bolt XS-400 home theater seating
Image from www.theaterseatstore.com

Bolt XS-400 – The unique split-back design of the Bolt XS-400 is designed to support your lumbar region for hours of movie watching pleasure. Extra padding in the headrest supports your head and neck, while a chaise-style footrest cradles your legs and feet. This gives you the ideal blend of comfort from head to toe. Optional power recline is built on an automotive seat motor that is designed to last for many years. The Bolt’s arms are thinner than most models, making it an ideal choice for small spaces or to add more seats per row. The arms widen at the top to hold full size cupholders for your favorite beverage. Like the Turbo, the Bolt is available in manual or power recline models covered with bonded or premium leather upholstery.

The Octane Seating brand is sure to be the go-to seat choice for many a home theater enthusiast.

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