Friday, June 21, 2013

5 Reasons to Stick with Your Cable Plan over Internet-only TV – Part 2 of 3

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Last week, we gave you 5 compelling reasons to ditch your cable plan for streaming TV. For one thing, you can’t just pick up an axe and cut the coax cord as your Internet most likely comes from the same source. In the interests of fairness (and the fact that there are many opinions on this subject), we present 5 reasons to keep your cable plan as part of your home theater experience.

5. There are no significant savings for internet-only service – Most cable companies offer a bundle package to provide your Internet, Cable TV and phone. In most cases, dropping Cable TV from your cable plan will only translate to savings of $5 or less a month.

4. Cable companies are manipulating their content providers – It does not seem fair, but many cable companies offer extra money and other perks to content providers that promise not to license to Internet TV companies. If this doesn’t work the same companies can threaten to drop the content provider’s programming if it refuses to play ball.

3. Cable TV is often the only place to see new episodes of popular shows – Some popular shows like Mad Men and The Walking Dead are only available on Cable TV. Streaming providers often carry older episodes of these shows for those who don’t mind waiting for their favorite show fix.

2. Internet TV does not carry live events – Major TV events like the Academy Awards, Super Bowl and live news coverage can only be seen on broadcast or Cable TV. Internet TV users can watch YouTube clips of these events as they are posted, but often the quality is not the same.  

1. With the rise of Internet TV Cable will be forced to innovate – As Internet TV gets more popular, cable TV will be forced to revamp their programming and fees in order to compete. This will likely translate into better programming, more innovation and lower cable bills as time goes on.

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