Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Theater Highlights: The Top 3 Expensive Home Theaters of 2013

We’ve all thought about winning the lottery and what we would do with all of that cash. You could keep it in a giant vault to swim around in like Scrooge McDuck, or a better alternative would be to build a monumental home theater like the ones that we found below.

Star Trek Home Theater – Cost 3 Million: Images of this Star Trek themed home theater exist all
Home theater Looks Like Star Trek Enterprise Bridge
Image from geektyrant.com
over the Web. This residential home theater was designed for a hardcore Star Trek fan with deep pockets by ECS (who may not be in business anymore as their website link is broken). Exact instructions were given to the designers to keep the room as close to the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise as possible. With high-end video and audio systems, touchscreen control, seating for 9, concert style lighting and a commercial HVAC system, this home theater is closer to a commercial venue
Inside and Outside of Crimson Home Theater
Image by slaymancinema.com
than a home rec-room.

The Crimson Home theater – Cost 3 Million: Inspired by the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood, this 8,000 square foot theater has all the trappings of a movie palace of yesteryear. Designed by home theater designer Jason Vorhees and Slayman Cinemas, the Crimson Home Theater’s look was inspired by a single piece of red fabric. The Old World décor of this theater hides a sophisticated 18 speaker setup that delivers 8,400 watts of power. Add to that an 18 foot diagonal screen, and this old timey theater can showcase the latest blockbusters with ease.
One of the greatest features of this home theater is the opening which is made to resemble the front of an old movie palace.

The Kipnis’ Outer Limits Home Theater – Cost 6 Million: We have covered music producer Jeremy Kipnis’s home theater
Kipnis Outer Limits Home Theater Center
Image by kipnis-studio.com
, and it still stands at the pinnacle of home theater spending. The six-million dollar price tag of this huge home theater includes a 22 foot diagonal screen, no less than 20 audiophile-worthy Snell speakers, and a home theater setup that gets the best possible sound and video from anything from digital media and DVD’s to old formats like VHS and LaserDisc. Plus, a copy of the Kipnis Outer Limits Home theater can be yours! Just contact Jeremy Kipnis through his website for details.

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