Friday, March 15, 2013

The Ultimate Home Audio System that Costs as Much as a House

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Most of us are content to listen to compressed music files on our iPods through a pair of $10 earbuds from the grocery store, but there are those who demand more from their audio listening experience. These folks,known as audiophiles, spend obscene amounts of money on high-end stereo equipment so that they can enjoy the delicate nuances of their favorite recordings with no hiss or other noise. Audiophiles can tell the difference between a “sterile” digital recording and the warm analog tones of a vinyl record. Should you find yourself the proud owner of a winning lottery ticket, here are some suggestions for a system to help you join the ranks of the audiophiles:

 $115,000 Amplifier – The high-end amplifier maker Boulder has a sound system fit for a king (or someone with obscene amounts of money!) The 3060 Class A Amplifier can pump 900 Watts of power per channel for a sound quality that literally can’t be matched by other systems. This amplifier is so big that it requires a 240-volt outlet, just like your dryer. Also, the metal case over a thick slab of black granite gives this 450 pound amplifier a commanding presence in your media room.

$105,000 Turntable – Any audiophile will tell you that the best sound comes from records. They have a warm analog sound that can’t be reproduced by digital means. To get the absolute best sound from your record collection you need a high quality turntable, and the Proscenium Black Diamond V by Walker Audio is the best of the best. This incredible turntable actually floats the arm and needle on a cushion of air to reduce vibrations and pops. It also has noise reducing technologies like special crystalline material to reduce static and noise-free electronics. Everything you need to hear that Creedence album exactly the way it was meant to be heard!

$30,000 Headphones – Monster Audio makes high definition headphones that feature beats technology by Dr. Dre. One of their highest end models is the Diamond Tears collection. These headphones combine super clarity and style to cater to those with discerning tastes (or huge wallets). A standard set of Diamond Tears headphones will set you back a measly 300 dollars, but for our extravagant audio system, that will not do. We’ll need the $30,000 special edition Diamond Tears headphones. These come encased in 18K yellow gold and feature large spiders on the earphones made from black diamonds. The expensive (and slightly creepy) design was made by Korean artist Sally John and fine-tuned by the CEO of Monster Headphones, Noel Lee.

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