Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Football Fanatic

For the football fanatic, football is a lifestyle. There is a reason why football games are on every day of the week. Just like taking daily doses of vitamins, football games are considered by many to be vitamins for the soul. Unlike the fair weather fans, the football enthusiasts know months before hand, exactly when their favorite team is playing, who they are playing and where.  The football fanatic is aware of every player on the team, making note of every trade and pick-up and every injury that has taken place. To the football fanatic, the big game is not just a two hour show that just happens to be on, the big game is equivalent to a religious practice and those two hours are two hours of worship.

For the football fanatic, the home entertainment center is the “altar” of worship, a safe haven that is decorated with favorite team memorabilia. Signed footballs, posters of favorite all-star players, and jerseys are just a few reminders to showcase team spirit. Unlike the fair weather fan that places a Raider jersey in the same drawer with a Broncos jersey, the football fanatic would never think of such debauchery.  Everything in the football fanatic’s home stays faithful to their team including their furniture.  Game day seating is essential for the football fanatic and essential for any football fanatic’s home theater. 
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