Monday, February 13, 2012

Top Movies To Watch On Your Home Theater Furniture

Your new media room is set up just the way you envisioned it. You've mounted a huge flat-screen TV on the wall, wired up a tremendous sound system, and installed the most expensive home theater furniture you could afford. The whole project turned out better than expected and everything looks amazing. Now you're finally ready to sit back and enjoy some great films.

But there is an art to choosing the best movie to watch on any given night, so don't just grab the first DVD you come across. Instead, try to base your selection on the following considerations:
  • Audience. Are children going to be present? Will you be watching the film with a mixed audience or with an all-male/all-female crowd? Is this going to be a romantic evening alone with your partner? These are the questions to answer first.
  • Theme. Theme nights are fun, especially when you add appropriate decorations to the equation. Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day are just a few examples of great themes to try.
  • Favorite stars. If you can't get enough of Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, or Martin Scorsese, rent all of their films and watch to your heart's content.
  • Genre. Some genres more readily lend themselves to big-screen viewing than others. A blockbuster action flick or the latest technological marvel (think Avatar) would look incredible when seen from your own theater seats.
You can also refer to various "Best of" lists that are widely available online and pick the top selections in each category.

Whatever you do, just remember that choosing the right films to watch on your home theater furniture is vital to the viewing experience, so keep these guidelines in mind before your next movie night!

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