Monday, October 4, 2010

The Secret Way to Find Out About the Quality of Furniture Online

In all my years selling furniture, I often get asked the question 'Well is this seat good quality?'.  While differences may exist between models within a brand, the brand itself will most likely carry the quality across all models.  What is the quickest way to answer this question?

Ask about the manufacturer's warranty -  that is the answer!  The warranty is the testament of the brand to stand behind the quality of the product.  If the brand knows that the product quality is strong, then they will grant it an excellent warranty.  It's quite logical - who knows the quality of the product better than the people that make it. 

Marketing can promote a brand as being of a high standard but reading between the lines is done by reading the warranty.  The fine print there will tell the truth.

Good furniture warranties today include at least a limited lifetime on the frame and reclining mechanism.  Limited lifetime means for the life of the furniture which is most often regulated from 7-10 years.  Another important clause is the warranty coverage of the padding and frame - these should be at least 3 years. Finally, the material also needs a warranty and the norm for that in the industry is 1year.

Using these few guidelines will help one filter through the marketing and get to the reality of the product.

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