Monday, July 13, 2009

Palliser Leather Promo Chat

Bruce: Welcome to the TheaterSeatStore.com. How may I help you?
Max: hi - i am interested in the special you are having:http://www.theaterseatstore.com/palliser-power-special_2?sc=9&category=149
Max: i am interested in the pallisar flashback series
Max: set of 4 - curved configuration
Bruce: Ok...which model do you like from Palliser?
Max: can i get a price and estimated lead time from you?
Bruce: Ok. Do you know the material that you want on that?
Max: yes -according to your special
Max: is it the 5000 series for the 1000 series upgrade?
Max: i would be interested in the bronco sunset
Bruce: Do you want the power special or the leather special...they cannot be combined
Max: i would like the manual
Max: and take the leather upgrade
Bruce: Please let me look into that for you. It should only take a moment.
Max: thanks
Bruce: that is the most beautiful leather I have seen in a long time - good choice!
Bruce: The promotional price with free shipping is $3465
Bruce: The regular price is $4590 so that is an $1125 savings
Max: can u tell me how that breaks down with what options?
Max: also - what is lead time?
Bruce: It is the price for a row of 4 seats in a curved configuration and the lead time is 6 weeks from order date to delivery.
Max: do u offer any white glove delivery service?
Bruce: Yes. It is an additional $150 on the total order and our service is a premium white glove service where our shippers will bring it to the room of choice, set it up, remove packaging and take that with them.
Max: gotcha - thank you bruce - you have been very helpful
Max: i am getting ready to purchase in the next couple of days
Bruce: Ok. Please call me directly if you have any questions at 888-602-7328 ext 711
Max: last question - i have been shopping and have seen the pallisar flashback with grade 1 leather (obviously -not as nice as what you are offering) - for as low as $2600 - is that the best price you can offer?
Max: absolutely - i am notating it down now
Bruce: There is a very large difference between a grade 1000 and grade 5000 leather - the 5000 is a premium top grain natural leather - but let me check on that price for the grade 1000....
Max: thanks
Bruce: We normally sell the grade 1000 at $2880.
Max: so question for u: according to your ad - you say:
Max: We are able to offer Leather Level 1000 Pricing on two of Palliser's premium Grade 5000 hides, the BRONCO and CAYMAN series. Both are buttery soft semi-aniline leathers. This is a FREE 4 Grade Upgrade and is only valid while stocks last. This is a once a year event so don't miss out on this GREAT DEAL!!
Max: why is the price $3495 and not the $2880?
Bruce: because the Cayman and Bronco leathers are only available in a full leather seat whereas the grade 1000 price i quoted was for a leather match seat - where there is leather on all the seating surfaces and a perfect synthetic match on the back and lower exterior sides
Max: i appreciate all of your info and time bruce
Max: i will call you in the next couple of days and see what we can work out
Bruce: Thanks Max...please call me if you have any further questions
Bruce: Thank you for visiting Theaterseatstore.com. Please do not hesitate to contact us again through the online chat feature or by phone at (888) 602-SEAT if you have any further questions or comments. Have a great day.

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